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Feb 16, 2008:
Perspektive Deutsches Kino: Drifter from Sebastian Heidinger wins “Dialogue en perspective”

A young German-French jury from TV5MONDE and the German-French Youth Office (GFYO) will award the independent prize for the fifth time at this year’s 58th Berlin International Film Festival. This year, the film Drifter from Sebastian Heidinger received the prize. The „Dialogue en perspective“ was initiated in 2004 by the international francophone television channel TV5MONDE and the Berlinale, and is awarded in cooperation with the GFYO to a film from the section Perspektive Deutsches Kino.

As in previous years, a young jury of three German and four French film lovers aged between 18 and 29 selected which film will win the „Dialogue en perspective“. Together with their jury president Peter Sehr, who received the German Film Prize in 1994 as director of the film Kaspar Hauser, the jury members watched all films presented in the Berlinale-section Perspektive Deutsches Kino and discussed which film deserved the „Dialogue en perspective“.

A Special Mention goes to the short film Lostage.

With the „Dialogue en perspective“ award, TV5MONDE and the GFYO above all want to encourage the young German-French exchange and the intercultural dialogue about German film. The Berlinale, as the most important German film festival, is the perfect platform.

The winning film will be presented on the Festival of the German Film in Paris in autumn 2008.

Synopsis winning film:

Aileen (16), Angel (23) and Daniel (25) have escaped the remnants of their families and the constraints of their villages in search of the anonymity of the big city of Berlin. Their territory is the Zoo station and its environs. This is where they prostitute themselves in order to earn money for their drug addiction; they stay at doss houses, at friends’ places, or with their regular clients. They all have dreams and desires and a vague plan for their lives, but everything remains a building site, just as the world in which they are constantly obliged to reshape their lives and themselves – a world of transitions and unstable places in between; of backstreets, deals, niches and places of transit.

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February 16, 2008

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