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Jun 25, 2007:
Summer Berlinale in Berlin, Cologne and Düsseldorf

Film-lovers who may have missed a few movies at this year’s Berlinale in February now have the chance to discover highlights from the latest Berlinale programme.

In Berlin, from July 12-15, the Berlinale will be for the fifth time showing films from the festival sections Competition, Panorama, Forum and the Perspektive Deutsches Kino which have not already been released in German cinemas.

The films will be screened at the Friedrichshain open-air cinema in co-operation with local radio station Radio Eins. The directors and leading actors will be present during the screenings, which will be introduced by festival director Dieter Kosslick, the section directors of the Berlin International Film Festival and Radio Eins film expert Knut Elstermann.

Here is the programme of the Berlin Summer Berlinale in detail:

Thursday, July 12, 9:30pm

Berlinale Perspektive Deutsches Kino: Hotel Very Welcome

Director: Sonja Heiss, Germany 2007; presented by Alfred Holighaus, Perspektive Deutsches Kino, in the presence of the cast and crew

Friday, July 13, 9:30pm

Berlinale Forum: Shotgun Stories

Director: Jeff Nichols, USA 2007; presented by Christoph Terhechte, Forum

Saturday, July 14, 9:30pm

Berlinale Competition, winner of the Golden Bear 2007: Tuya's Marriage

Director: Wang Quan'an, People’s Republic of China 2006; presented by festival director Dieter Kosslick

Sunday, July 15, 9:30pm

Berlinale Panorama: Crossing the Line

Director: Daniel Gordon, United Kingdom 2006; presented by Wieland Speck, Panorama

Following last year’s premiere, the Cologne open-air Summer Berlinale will take place at a unusual location this year: the old Radstation (velodrome) will show Bettina Blümner’s Prinzessinnenbad (Pool of Princesses) on July 26, Julie Delpy’s Two Days in Paris on August 11, Tuya’s Marriage on August 16, and Don by Farhan Akhtar on August 17.

The Düsseldorf open-air cinema, Vier Linden, will also be showing films from the Berlinale programme at the first Düsseldorf Summer Berlinale from July 27 - August 3. Moviegoers will be able to watch Two Days in Paris on July 27 & 28, Angel by François Ozon on July 31, Prinzessinnenbad (Pool of Princesses) on August 1, and Sam Garbarski’s Irina Palm on August 3 – all under the stars.

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June 25, 2007