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Tatil Kitabi

Summer Book

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The school holiday has begun, the children in their blue uniforms happily running outdoors. Only one young boy seems troubled. One of his classmates has stolen his schoolbook, and now he won’t be able to do his holiday homework. His older brother comes to visit. He doesn’t want to go back to his military service, he would rather move to Istanbul instead. The mother chats with her friends over a glass of tea, while the father is just holding down his difficult job. In this film the camera always takes one step back, making place in the image for the everyday life of a Turkish family in a small town in Anatolia. The long, quiet shots leave room for their problems, both big and small. When the father suddenly dies, Seyfi Teoman’s film gives the remaining family members the time and space that they need to let the death sink in. He carefully follows the various coping strategies, showing how the family slowly finds its way back to their everyday life. In the end the children hurry back to school. A light summer film on a heavy topic.
Anke Leweke

Turkey 2008, 92 min


Seyfi Teoman


Taner Birsel
Tayfun Gunay
Harun Ozuag
Ayten Tokun
Osman Inan

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