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Perspektive Deutsches Kino

Die Helden aus der Nachbarschaft

Heroes From the Neighbourhood

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Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg. Attila the fireman can eat glass – but this doesn’t help his love life. His girlfriend, Sabine, breaks up with him. She wants more from life. It’s her dream to be a talk show host – and there’s no place for Attila in her career plan.
Despite being a talk show host, Erika is unhappy. She can no longer connect with her husband Ulf, who is reliving his youth and making use of his
psychological prowess to conquer female hearts. Their pubescent son Niko
avoids both parents as he makes his own way through life, propelled by his sex drive.
When the next guest on Erika’s show – a TV junkie and shy bakerwoman called Rosine – cancels at short notice, Erika has to find a new candidate. She discovers Attila in the house next door.
Jovan Arsenic’s tragicomedy interweaves the stories of six neighbours who
are all searching for something but don’t know what. Ultimately, an enormous doughnut is what brings all of them the fortune they deserve.

Germany 2007, 90 min


Jovan Arsenic


Marc Zwinz
Nina Hoger
Christopher Buchholz
Eva Löbau
Josef Mattes
Myriam Schröder