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Cykelmyggen og Dansemyggen

A Tale of Two Mozzies

Fahrradmücken und Tanzmücken

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Dancing mosquito Dagmar is determined to live up to her name. She has her heart set on bike-crazy Egon, a biting mosquito who would rather see the world (in bet­ween trying to beat the distance record), and so love will just have to wait until Egon is ready to put aside his childlike hobbies.
When evil red ant queen Dominella and her soldiers kill the black ant queen and seize power, we find our hero and heroine embroiled in a tense drama played out in the forest undergrowth. It is a drama that will put their friendship to the test and could push it to the limit.
CYKELMYGGEN OG DANSEMYGGEN may not be an action film, but it tells an amusing, anarchic story, and is teeming with colourful insect personalities that are constantly bursting into song. In CYKELMYGGEN OG DANSEMYGGEN Hastrup and Møller continue their entertaining animal saga, previous episodes of which have made regular appearances at the Berlinale.

Denmark 2007, 75 min


Jannik Hastrup, Flemming Quist Møller

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