Berlinale: Programme

Programme 2007


by François Ozon, France / Belgium / United Kingdom
Annem sinema ögreniyor | My Mother Learns Cinema | Meine Mama lernt Kino
by Nesimi Yetik, Turkey
by Joseph Cedar, Israel
by Gregory Nava, USA
by Jens Schillmöller, Germany
Decroche | Pick-Up | Heb' ab
by Manuel Schapira, France
Die Fälscher | The Counterfeiters
by Stefan Ruzowitzky, Germany / Austria
El otro | The Other | Der Andere
by Ariel Rotter, Argentina / France / Germany
by Theresa von Eltz, United Kingdom
Goodbye Bafana
by Bille August, Germany / France / Belgium / United Kingdom / Italy
Hallam Foe
by David Mackenzie, United Kingdom
Hyazgar | Desert Dream
by Zhang Lu, Republic of Korea (South Korea) / France
In memoria di me | In Memory Of Myself
by Saverio Costanzo, Italy
Irina Palm
by Sam Garbarski, Belgium / Germany / Luxembourg
Jegyzökönyv - Mansfeld Péter Emlékére | Court Record - In Memoriam Péter Mansfeld
by Zoltán Szilágyi Varga, Hungary
La Leçon de guitare | The Guitar Lesson | Die Gitarrenstunde
by Martin Rit, France
La Môme | La Vie en Rose
by Olivier Dahan, France / United Kingdom / Czech Republic
Les Témoins | The Witnesses | Die Zeugen
by André Téchiné, France
Letters From Iwo Jima
by Clint Eastwood, USA
Lo que trae la lluvia | Along Came The Rain | Was der Regen bringt
by Alejandro Fernández Almendras, Chile
by Arvin Chen, Taiwan, China / USA
Ne touchez pas la hache | Don't Touch The Axe | Die Herzogin von Langeais
by Jacques Rivette, France / Italy
Nihon no katachi: Shazai | The Japanese Tradition: Apologies | The Japanese Tradition: Entschuldigung
by Namikibashi (Junji Kojima, Kentaro Kobayashi), Japan
O ano em que meus pais saíram de férias | The Year My Parents Went On Vacation | Das Jahr als meine Eltern im Urlaub waren
by Cao Hamburger, Brazil
Obsluhoval jsem anglického krále | I Served The King Of England | Ich habe den englischen König bedient
by Jirí Menzel, Czech Republic / Slovakian Republic
Ping Guo | Lost In Beijing
by Li Yu, People's Republic of China / Hong Kong, China
Raak | Contact | Treffer
by Hanro Smitsman, Netherlands
by Marcin Janos Krawczyk, Poland
Rotten Apple
by Ralitza Petrova, United Kingdom
Sai bo gu ji man gwen chan a | I'm A Cyborg, But That's Ok | Ich bin ein Cyborg, aber das macht nichts
by Park Chan-wook, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Scummy Man
by Paul Fraser, United Kingdom
The Girl Who Swallowed Bees | Das Mädchen, das Bienen schluckte
by Paul McDermott, Australia
The Good German
by Steven Soderbergh, USA
The Good Shepherd | Der gute Hirte
by Robert De Niro, USA
The Night Before Christmas | Die Nacht vor Weihnachten
by Sam Bassett, USA
The Stalin That Was Played By Me | Mein Stalin
by Daya Cahen, Netherlands
Tu ya de hun shi | Tuya's Marriage | Tuyas Ehe
by Wang Quan'an, People's Republic of China
When A Man Falls In The Forest
by Ryan Eslinger, Germany / Canada / USA
by Christian Petzold, Germany

Competition (out of competition)

by Zack Snyder, USA
Notes On A Scandal | Tagebuch eines Skandals
by Richard Eyre, USA / United Kingdom
The Walker
by Paul Schrader, USA / United Kingdom

Berlinale Special

Berlin Alexanderplatz: Remastered
by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949) / Italy
Berlin Alexanderplatz: Remastered. Epilog | Berlin Alexanderplatz: Remastered. Epilogue
by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949) / Italy
Berlin Alexanderplatz: Remastered. Teil 01
by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949) / Italy
Berlin Alexanderplatz: Remastered. Teil 02
by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949) / Italy
Berlin Alexanderplatz: Remastered. Teil 03
by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949) / Italy
Berlin Alexanderplatz: Remastered. Teil 04
by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949) / Italy
Berlin Alexanderplatz: Remastered. Teil 05
by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949) / Italy
Berlin Alexanderplatz: Remastered. Teil 06
by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949) / Italy
Berlin Alexanderplatz: Remastered. Teil 07
by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949) / Italy
Berlin Alexanderplatz: Remastered. Teil 08
by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949) / Italy
Berlin Alexanderplatz: Remastered. Teil 09
by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949) / Italy
Berlin Alexanderplatz: Remastered. Teil 10
by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949) / Italy
Berlin Alexanderplatz: Remastered. Teil 11
by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949) / Italy
Berlin Alexanderplatz: Remastered. Teil 12
by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949) / Italy
Berlin Alexanderplatz: Remastered. Teil 13
by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949) / Italy
Bonnie and Clyde
by Arthur Penn, USA
Comrades In Dreams | Leinwandfieber
by Uli Gaulke, Germany
Cuban Memories: Fidel cuenta el Che | Cuban Memories: Fidel Reveals Che
by Gianni Minà, Italy
Cuban Memories: Un dia con Fidel | Cuban Memories: A Day With Fidel
by Gianni Miná, Italy
Day On Fire
by Jay Anania, USA
Dnevnoy dozor | Day Watch | Wächter des Tages
by Timur Bekmambetov, Russian Federation
How To Cook Your Life | Wie man sein Leben kocht
by Doris Dörrie, Germany
I Have Never Forgotten You - The Life And Legacy Of Simon Wiesenthal | Ich habe Euch nicht vergessen - Simon Wiesenthals Leben und Vermächtnis
by Richard Trank, USA
La masseria delle allodole | The Lark Farm | Das Haus der Lerchen
by Paolo und Vittorio Taviani, Italy / Spain / France / Bulgaria
by Fernando Pérez, Spain / Cuba
Örökbefogadás | Adoption | Die Adoption
by Márta Mészáros, Hungary
Parajanov - Ein Requiem | Paradjanov - A Requiem
by Ron Holloway, Germany
by Mika Ninagawa, Japan
Szabadság, szerelem | Children Of Glory
by Krisztina Goda, Hungary / United Kingdom


2 Days in Paris | 2 Tage in Paris
by Julie Delpy, France / Germany
A casa de Alice | Alice's House | Bei Alice zuhause
by Chico Teixeira, Brazil
Andy Warhol: A Documentary Film
by Ric Burns, USA
Anna M.
by Michel Spinosa, France
Away From Her
by Sarah Polley, Canada
by Uli M. Schueppel, Germany
by Lucy Walker, United Kingdom
Boldog új élet | Happy New Life
by Árpád Bogdán, Hungary
Bushi no Ichibun | Love And Honor
by Yoji Yamada, Japan
Célébration | Celebration
by Olivier Meyrou, France
Ci-Qing | Spider Lilies
by Zero Chou, Taiwan, China
Crossing The Line
by Daniel Gordon, United Kingdom
Dasepo Sonyeo | Dasepo Naughty Girls
by E J-yong, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Der Rote Elvis | The Red Elvis
by Leopold Grün, Germany
Deserto Feliz | Happy Desert
by Paulo Caldas, Brazil / Germany
El Camino de los Ingleses | Summer Rain | Sommerregen
by Antonio Banderas, Spain / United Kingdom
Fay Grim
by Hal Hartley, Germany / USA
Férfiakt | Men In The Nude
by Károly Esztergályos, Hungary
Ferien | Vacation
by Thomas Arslan, Germany
Fucking Different New York
by Stephen Gallagher, Lala Endara, Todd Verow, Barbara Hammer, Andre Salas, Abigail Child, Jack Waters, Samara Halperin, Amy von Harrington, Keith Levy, Hedia Maron, Dan Borden, Germany
by David Ondricek, Czech Republic
Guacho | Fatherless
by Juan Minujin, Argentina
Gucha | Gucha - Distant Trumpet
by Dusan Milic, Germany / Republic of Serbia / Bulgaria / Austria
Guten Morgen, Herr Grothe | Good Morning, Mr. Grothe
by Lars Kraume, Germany
Haebyuneui Yoein | Woman On The Beach
by Hong Sangsoo, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Huhwaehaji Anah | No Regret
by Leesong Hee-il, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
by Steve Buscemi, USA / Netherlands
Invisibles | Die Unsichtbaren
by Isabel Coixet, Fernando León de Aranoa, Mariano Barroso, Javier Corcuera, Wim Wenders, Spain
Itty Bitty Titty Committee
by Jamie Babbit, USA
Lady Chatterley
by Pascale Ferran, France / Belgium
Lagerfeld Confidentiel
by Rodolphe Marconi, France
La León
by Santiago Otheguy, Argentina / France
Luo Ye Gui Gen | Getting Home
by Zhang Yang, Hong Kong, China / People's Republic of China
Miss Gulag
by Maria Yatskova, USA
Moskva. Pride '06 | Moscow Gay Pride Festival | Moskau. CSD '06
by Vladimir Ivanov, Russian Federation
När Mörkret Faller | When Darkness Falls
by Anders Nilsson, Sweden / Germany
NEUE BILDER schwarzer filmschaffender in deutschland | NEW PERSPECTIVES - Black artists in German film
by Todd Ford, Ezra Tsegaye, Sebastian Kühne, Branwen Okpako, John A. Kantara, Winta Yohannes, Otu Tetteh, Diegonante, Germany / United Kingdom
Poor Boy's Game
by Clement Virgo, Canada
Proschai, Yuzhnyi Gorod | Good Bye, Southern City
by Oleg Safarliyev, Azerbaijan / Russian Federation
Riparo | Shelter | Zuflucht
by Marco Simon Puccioni, Italy / France
Schau mir in die Augen, Kleiner | Here's Looking At You, Boy
by André Schäfer, Germany / France / Netherlands / Finland / Sweden
Scott Walker - 30 Century Man
by Stephen Kijak, United Kingdom / USA
Strange Culture
by Lynn Hershman Leeson, USA
by Paul Oremland, United Kingdom
Takva | Takva - A Man's Fear Of God
by Özer Kiziltan, Turkey / Germany
by Peter Kahane, Germany
by Mitchell Lichtenstein, USA
The Bubble
by Eytan Fox, Israel
The Home Song Stories
by Tony Ayres, Australia
The Tracey Fragments
by Bruce McDonald, Canada
This Filthy World
by Jeff Garlin, USA


...a bude hur | It Gonna Get Worse
by Petr Nikolaev, Czech Republic
Aju teukbyeolhan sonnim | Ad Lib Night
by Lee Yoon-ki, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Akage | Red Lion
by Okamoto Kihachi, Japan
a.k.a. Nikki S. Lee
by Nikki S. Lee, USA / Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Ankokugai no Taiketsu | The Last Gunfight
by Okamoto Kihachi, Japan
Apa khabar orang kampung | Village People Radio Show
by Amir Muhammad, Malaysia
Ari and Mario
by Andy Warhol, USA
by Ognjen Svilicic, Croatia / Germany / Bosnia and Herzegovina
A Walk into the Sea: Danny Williams and the Warhol Factory
by Esther B. Robinson, USA
Brand Upon the Brain!
by Guy Maddin, Canada
by Jan Gassmann, Christian Ziörjen, Switzerland
by Ayse Erkmen, Turkey
Daibosatsu-Toge | The Sword of Doom
by Okamoto Kihachi, Japan
Dans les villes | In the Cities
by Catherine Martin, Canada
Deux fois
by Jackie Raynal, France
Dokuritsu Gurentai | Desperado Outpost
by Okamoto Kihachi, Japan
by Hiner Saleem, Iraqi Kurdistan Region / France / Germany
by Farhan Akhtar, India
Eburiman shi no Yuga na Seikatsu | The Elegant Life of Mr Everyman
by Okamoto Kihachi, Japan
by Cynthia Madansky, USA
El telón de azúcar | The Sugar Curtain
by Camila Guzmán Urzúa, Cuba / Spain / France
Elvis Pelvis
by Kevin Aduaka, United Kingdom / France
Extranjera | Foreigner
by Inés de Oliveira Cézar, Argentina / Greece / Poland
Factory, October 14-25, 1965
by Danny Williams, USA
Faro, la reine des eaux | Faro, Goddess of Water | Faro, Göttin des Wassers
by Salif Traoré, Mali / France / Canada / Germany / Burkina
Gen zong | Eye in the Sky
by Yau Nai Hoi, Hong Kong, China
Ghostyard Supernova
by Tim Blue, Germany
gun / play
by John Price, Canada
Harold Stevenson No.1 and No.2
by Danny Williams, USA
Heimatklänge | Echoes of Home
by Stefan Schwietert, Switzerland / Germany
Ichijiku no kao | Faces of a Fig Tree
by Momoi Kaori, Japan
I Was A Swiss Banker
by Thomas Imbach, Switzerland
Jackie Raynal Cinematon Nr. 110
by Gérard Courant, France
Jack Smith: Beautiful Film Jewels
by Jack Smith, USA
Jagdhunde | Hounds
by Ann-Kristin Reyels, Germany
Jigoku no Utage | Procurer of Hell
by Okamoto Kihachi, Japan
Kain no matsuei | Cain's Descendant
by Oku Shutaro, Japan
Killer of Sheep
by Charles Burnett, USA
Kiru | Kill
by Okamoto Kihachi, Japan
Klopka | The Trap | Die Falle
by Srdan Golubovic, Serbia / Germany / Hungary
Kurz davor ist es passiert | It Happened Just Before
by Anja Salomonowitz, Austria
Le Cercle des noyés | Drowned in Oblivion
by Pierre-Yves Vandeweerd, Belgium / France
Le lit de la vièrge
by Philippe Garrel, France
L'esprit des lieux | The Spirit of Places
by Catherine Martin, Canada
Let There Be Whistleblowers | Let There be Whistleblowers
by Ken Jacobs, USA
Lupinen löschen | Lupines
by Sabine Schöbel, Germany
Madonnen | Madonnas
by Maria Speth, Germany / Switzerland / Belgium
Meng Na Li Sha | Mona Lisa
by Li Ying, People's Republic of China / Japan
Mexico Test 1
by Tim Blue, Germany
Nachmittag | Afternoon
by Angela Schanelec, Germany
National Holiday
by Tim Blue, Germany
Negai wo hiku | Drawing Wishes
by Aki Nakazawa, Germany / Japan
Nihon no Ichiban Nagai Hi | Japan's Longest Day a.k.a. The Emperor and a General
by Okamoto Kihachi, Japan
Nikudan | Nikudan a.k.a. Human Bullet
by Okamoto Kihachi, Japan
Pas douce | A Parting Shot
by Jeanne Waltz, France / Switzerland
Potosi, le temps du voyage | Potosi, the Journey
by Ron Havilio, Israel / France
by Ulrike Ottinger, Austria / Germany
by Tayfun Pirselimoglu, Turkey
Schindlers Häuser | Schindler's Houses
by Heinz Emigholz, Austria
Seascape Night, China Shenzhen 05
by Olivo Barbieri, Italy
Senkyo | Campaign
by Kazuhiro Soda, USA / Japan
Seven Easy Pieces by Marina Abramovic
by Babette Mangolte, USA
Sevilla 06
by Olivo Barbieri, Spain / Italy
Shotgun Stories
by Jeff Nichols, USA
Soul Research Laboratory - Search and Hide
by Karoe Goldt, Germany / Austria
Soul Research Laboratory - Search and Rescue
by Karoe Goldt, Germany / Austria / New Zealand
Spring and Stalin
by Robert Aliaj Dragot, Albania / Belgium
State Legislature
by Frederick Wiseman, USA
Stone Time Touch
by Gariné Torossian, Canada / Armenia
by Fred Poulet, Vikash Dhorasoo, France
The Closet
by Andy Warhol, USA
The Halfmoon Files
by Philip Scheffner, Germany
The Politics of Joy
by Tim Blue, Germany
Tout refleurit | All Blossoms Again
by Aurélien Gerbault, France
Trips and Parties
by Danny Williams, USA
by Auraeus Solito, Philippines
View of the Falls From the Canadian Side
by John Price, Canada
by Nanouk Leopold, Netherlands / Belgium
X Love Scenes
by Constanze Ruhm, Austria


Adama Meshuga'at | Sweet Mud
by Dror Shaul, Israel / Germany
Antônia | Antonia
by Tata Amaral, Brazil
Bennys Gym | Benny's Gym | Bennys Tattoo
by Lisa Marie Gamlem, Norway
Blöde Mütze! | Silly's Sweet Summer
by Johannes Schmid, Germany
Blodsøstre | Blood Sisters | Blutsschwestern
by Louise N. D. Friedberg, Denmark
by Dana Blankstein, Israel
Cheonhajangsa Madonna | Like a Virgin
by Lee Hae-young, Lee Hae-jun, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Cum mi-am petrecut sfârsitul lumii | The Way I Spent the End of the World
by Catalin Mitulescu, Romania / France
Dek Hor | Dorm | Das Internat
by Songyos Sugmakanan, Thailand
Drengen i kufferten | Having a Brother | Der Junge im Koffer
by Esben Toft Jacobsen, Denmark
Eagle vs. Shark
by Taika Waititi, New Zealand
Förortsungar | Kidz in da Hood | Abgerockt
by Ylva Gustavsson, Catti Edfeldt, Sweden
Grün | Green
by Kyne Uhlig, Nikolaus Hillebrand, Germany
by Mike Jonathan, New Zealand
Ice Keh-ki | Ice Bar | Eis!
by Yeo In-gwang, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Iszka Utazása | Iska's Journey | Iskas Reise
by Csaba Bollók, Hungary
Itmanna | Make A Wish | Wünsch dir was
by Cherien Dabis, USA
Je m'appelle Elisabeth | Call Me Elisabeth | Nennt mich Elisabeth
by Jean-Pierre Améris, France
Kibera Kid
by Nathan Collett, Kenya
Kruistocht in Spijkerbroek | Crusade in Jeans | Kreuzzug in Jeans
by Ben Sombogaart, Netherlands / Germany / Luxembourg
Land gewinnen | Gaining Ground
by Marc Brummund, Germany
Leiutajateküla Lotte | Lotte from Gadgetville | Lotte im Dorf der Erfinder
by Heiki Ernits, Janno Põldma, Estonia / Latvia
Man In The Chair | Man in the Chair
by Michael Schroeder, USA
Menged | Unterwegs
by Daniel Taye Workou, Ethiopia / Germany
More, strýcku, proc je slané? | The sea, uncle, why is it salty? | Wie das Salz ins Meer kam
by Jan Balej, Czech Republic
Mukhsin | Mukhsin und ich
by Yasmin Ahmad, Malaysia
När Elvis Kom På Besök | When Elvis Came To Visit | Als Elvis zu Besuch kam
by Andreas Tibblin, Sweden
Pigen i kikkerten | The Girl through the Telescope | Mädchen im Visier
by Niels Bisbo, Denmark
Pilgiftsgrodorna | Poison Arrow Frogs | Pfeilgiftfrösche
by Johan Hagelbäck, Sweden
Playground | Spielplatz
by Eve Spence, Australia
Razzle Dazzle
by Darren Ashton, Australia
Sipur Hatzi Russi | Love & Dance
by Eitan Anner, Israel
Snakebite | Der Schlangenbiss
by Matt Pinder, United Kingdom
by Michael Arias, Japan
The Fall
by Tarsem Singh, USA / India
The Last Mimzy | Mimzy - Meine Freundin aus der Zukunft
by Robert Shaye, USA
This is England
by Shane Meadows, United Kingdom
Tommy the Kid | Tommy der Cowboy
by Stuart Clegg, Australia
by Gunnar Vikene, Norway / Sweden / Denmark
Tri sestry a jeden prsten | Three Sisters and One Ring | Drei Schwestern und ein Ring
by Vlasta Pospísilová, Czech Republic
by Grégoire Solotareff, Serge Elissalde, France
by Rajnesh Domalpalli, India / USA
Ville och Vilda Kanin | Willy and Wild Rabbit | Willi und das wilde Kaninchen
by Lennart & Ylva-Li Gustafsson, Sweden
by Daniel Krige, Australia
by Betty Lee Kim, USA
Zhiharka | Zhiharka and the Fox | Zhiharka und der Fuchs
by Oleg Uzhinov, Russian Federation

Perspektive Deutsches Kino

by Pepe Planitzer, Germany
Aschermittwoch | Ash Wednesday
by Ileana Cosmovici, Germany
Aufrecht stehen | Stand Straight
by Hannah Schweier, Germany
Autopiloten | Autopilots
by Bastian Günther, Germany
Blindflug | Blind Flight
by Ben von Grafenstein, Germany
Full Metal Village
by Sung Hyung Cho, Germany
Hotel Very Welcome
by Sonja Heiss, Germany
Memoryeffekt | Memory Effect
by Claudia Lehmann, Germany
by Maja Classen, Germany
Prinzessinnenbad | Pool Of Princesses
by Bettina Blümner, Germany
Von einem der auszog - Wim Wenders' frühe Jahre | One Who Set Forth - Wim Wenders' Early Years
by Marcel Wehn, Germany
Was am Ende zählt | Nothing Else Matters
by Julia von Heinz, Germany
Zirkus is nich | No Circus
by Astrid Schult, Germany


A Cottage on Dartmoor
by Anthony Asquith, United Kingdom / Sweden
Afgrunden | Abgründe
by Urban Gad, Denmark
A Pair of Tights
by Hal Yates, USA
Assunta Spina
by Gustavo Serena, Francesca Bertini, Italy
Blind Husbands
by Erich von Stroheim, USA
by Kenneth Macpherson, United Kingdom
Cabiria | (Silent Version) | (Stumme Fassung)
by Giovanni Pastrone, Italy
Cabiria | (Sound Version) | (Tonfassung)
by Giovanni Pastrone, Italy
Dancing Mothers
by Herbert Brenon, USA
Der Turm des Schweigens
by Johannes Guter, Germany (through 1945)
Die Filmprimadonna
by Urban Gad, Germany (through 1945)
Ditja bolschowo goroda | Das Kind der Großstadt
by Jewgeni Bauer, Russia
Du skal ære din Hustru | Ehret eure Frauen
by Carl Theodor Dreyer, Denmark
East Is East
by Henry Edwards, United Kingdom
by Urban Gad, Germany (through 1945)
Flesh and the Devil
by Clarence Brown, USA
Fleur de Paris
by André Hugon, France
Hamlet | Premiere der wiederentdeckten, neu restaurierten Farbfassung. Erstaufführung der Filmmusik von Michael Riessler (2007). In Kooperation mit dem Deutschen Filminstitut - DIF, Frankfurt am Main, und dem ZDF in Zusammenarbeit mit ARTE
by Svend Gade, Heinz Schall, Germany (through 1945)
Hindle Wakes
by Maurice Elvey, United Kingdom
Ich möchte kein Mann sein
by Ernst Lubitsch, Germany (through 1945)
by Clarence Badger, USA
Lady Windermere's Fan
by Ernst Lubitsch, USA
L'arpète | Das Schneiderlehrmädchen
by E.B. Donatien, France
La souriante Madame Beudet | Die lächelnde Madame Beudet
by Germaine Dulac, France
L'invitation au voyage | Einladung zu einer Reise
by Germaine Dulac, France
by Paul Fejos, USA
Love 'em and Leave 'em
by Frank Tuttle, USA
Madame wünscht keine Kinder
by Alexander Korda, Germany (through 1945)
Menschen am Sonntag
by Robert Siodmak, Edgar G. Ulmer, Rochus Gliese, Germany (through 1945)
Napule ... e niente cchiù
by Eugenio Perego, Italy
Nasanu naka | Nicht blutsverwandt
by Mikio Naruse, Japan
Norrtullsligan | Weibliche Junggesellen
by Per Lindberg, Sweden
Reklamfilm PUB Greta Garbo | Kompilation von Werbefilmen mit Greta Garbo
by Lasse Ring, Sweden
Rosalie danseuse | Rosalie, die Tänzerin
by Romeo Bosetti, France
Something New
by Nell Shipman, Bert Van Tuyle, USA
Spanetti - die vorzügliche Schokolade
by Karl Pindl, Resl Bucher, Germany (through 1945)
Stage Struck
by Allan Dwan, USA
Sumerki shenskoi duschi | Dämmerung einer Frauenseele
by Jewgeni Bauer, Russia
Tänzerinnen der zwanziger Jahre | Kompilation
France / United Kingdom
The Affairs of Anatol
by Cecil B. DeMille, USA
The Escape on the Fast Freight
by J. P. McGowan, USA
The Nickel-Hopper
by F. Richard Jones, USA
The Patsy
by King Vidor, USA
The Social Secretary
by John Emerson, USA
Tilly's Party
by Lewin Fitzhamon, United Kingdom
Tretja mestschanskaja | Bett und Sofa
by Abram Room, UDSSR
Wascha snakomaja | (Fragment)
by Lew Kuleschow, UDSSR
Why Change Your Wife?
by Cecil B. DeMille, USA
Yogoto no yume | Träume der Nacht
by Mikio Naruse, Japan
Zapatas Bande
by Urban Gad, Germany (through 1945)


Alice's Restaurant
by Arthur Penn, USA
Arthur Penn - The Director
by Elliott Erwitt, USA
Four Friends
by Arthur Penn, USA
Little Big Man
by Arthur Penn, USA
Mickey One
by Arthur Penn, USA
Night Moves
by Arthur Penn, USA
The Chase
by Arthur Penn, USA
The Left-Handed Gun
by Arthur Penn, USA
The Miracle Worker
by Arthur Penn, USA
The Missouri Breaks
by Arthur Penn, USA

Magnum in Motion

A Peruvian Equation
by Gilles Peress, USA
Beauty Knows No Pain
by Elliott Erwitt, USA
Behind The Veil
by Eve Arnold, United Kingdom
Cambodian Odyssey
by Richard Traylor-Smith, United Kingdom
Copyright By Inge Morath
by Sabine Eckhard, Germany
El otro lado/The Other Side | El Otro lado/The Other Side
by Alex Webb, USA
Eve and Marilyn
by Rosemary Bowen-Jones, USA
Getting Out
by Eli Reed, USA
Jab Jab
by Bruce Davidson, USA
La boucane | The Smoking House
by Jean Gaumy, France
Le retour | The Return
by Henri Cartier-Bresson, Richard Banks, USA
Les années déclic | The Declic Years
by Raymond Depardon, France
L'Espagne vivra | Spain Will Live
by Henri Cartier-Bresson, France
Letting Go
by Paul Fusco, USA
Magnum Photos - ein Mythos ändert sich | Magnum Photos - The Changing Of A Myth
by Reiner Holzemer, Germany
Misery Loves Company: The Life and Death of Bruce Gilden
by Gideon Gold, USA
On The Rowanlea Trawler
by Jean Gaumy, France
Pictures From A Revolution
by Susan Meiselas, Richard P. Rogers, Alfred Guzzetti, USA
Robert Capa - In Love And War
by Anne Makepeace, USA
Sous Marin | Submarine
by Jean Gaumy, France
The Magnum Story I - Decisive Moments
by Patricia Wheatley, United Kingdom
The Magnum Story III - Close To The Edge
by Patricia Wheatley, United Kingdom
The Magnum Story II- The Savage Years
by Patricia Wheatley, United Kingdom
The Russian Prison: A Separate Life
by Gueorghui Pinkhassov, USA
The Train
by Donovan Wylie, United Kingdom
The Two Faces Of China
by René Burri, USA
Think of England
by Martin Parr, United Kingdom
Tod im Maisfeld | Death In A Cornfield
by Thomas Hoepker, Christine Kruchen, Germany
Video Diaries: Dying for Publicity
by Chris Steele-Perkins, United Kingdom
Waiting For Madonna
by Peter Marlow, USA
Watch The Birdie
by Ken Russell, United Kingdom
What Has Happened To The American Indians?
by Martine Franck, USA
Where Have You Been, Jimmy Dean?
by Dennis Stock, USA / France

Eat, Drink, See Movies

All In This Tea
by Les Blank, Gina Leibrecht, USA
Big Night | Big Night - Nacht der Genüsse
by Campbell Scott, Stanley Tucci, USA
BINAMBAN - the lorious food of Lagonoy
by Ferdinand DeMadura, Philippines
Black Gold
by Nick Francis, Marc Francis, United Kingdom
Charlie und die Schokoladenfabrik | Charlie And The Chocolate Factory
by Tim Burton, USA
Crapa Pansa
by Francesco Barbierie, Andrea Canepari, Italy
Das Feinste vom Feinen
by WBKlinke: Markus Euskirchen, Stefan Klinker, Henrik Lebuhn, Sabine Nuss, Germany
Die kulinarischen Abenteuer der Sarah Wiener
by Nathalie Steinbart, Volker Heise, Germany / France
Fast Food Nation
by Richard Linklater, USA
Grocery Store Wars
by Louis Fox, USA
Jidlo | Food
by Jan Svankmayer, Czechoslovakia / United Kingdom
L'age de raison | The Age of Reason
by Myriam Aziza, France
Manoomin - The Sacred Food
by Jack Pettibone Riccobono, USA
Parabolo d'oro
by Vittorio De Seta, Italy
Sawasiray - Pitusiray
by Mariana Herrera Bellido, Peru
by Alexander Payne, USA
The Best Of Terra Madre 2006
The Chicken, The Fish And The King Crab
by Jose Luis López Linares, Spain
The Day After Tomato
by Oskar Gullstrand, Sweden
The Luckiest Nut In The World
by Emily James, United Kingdom
The Meatrix
by Louis Fox, USA
The Real Dirt On Farmer John | Farmer John
by Taggart Siegel, USA
The Sound Of Mountains
by Alexandru Belc, Romania
Two Nations, One Bread
by Yoav Cohen, Germany / Israel
Za Yakiniku Mubi: Purukogi | The Yakiniku Movie: Bulgogi
by Su-yeon Gu, Japan