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Jan 20, 2006:
Forum: Innovative narrative forms and new currents in world cinema are the special focus of the Berlinale Forum

Among the 40 films in the programme are 21 world premieres and 15 debut works

At the 36th Forum, once again viewers will discover primarily directing debuts and films by young directors: feature films that defy conventions, like the Japanese narrative experiment We Can’t Go Home Again by Fujiwara Toshi; documentary works that break through the boundaries of the genre, like the South African Conversations on a Sunday Afternoon by Khalo Matabane; unique ethnographic works, like Ben Hopkins’ 37 Uses for a Dead Sheep, from Britain; daring, emphatically personal form experiments, like the Belgian film Combat by Patrick Carpentier, and political films like Laura Poitras’ My Country, My Country, a report from the eye of the hurricane of the Iraqi parliamentary elections.

Along with those are films by directors who have frequently shown their most unusual works in the Forum. They are just as radical, playful, and intense as of those of the younger filmmakers. Chantal Akerman’s Là-bas, a cinematic diary from Tel Aviv, is probably one of the Belgian’s most personal works. The Canadian Allan King gives filmic expression to the tragedy of memory loss in Memory for Claire, Max, Ida and Company. The American avant-garde director James Benning presents in 27 Years Later an individualistic remake of his own One Way Boogie Woogie. Alan Berliner agonizes in his insomnia in his witty, autobiographical Wide Awake. The Romanian Lucian Pintilie constructs a political parable of admirable precision in the middle-length Tertium non datur. And in Strange Circus, the Japanese Sono Sion stages a fulminating psychological thriller whose wildness, imaginativeness, and extravagance is hard to top.

The contributions to the 36th Forum come from 29 different countries; the selection makes no claim to be representative, but emphasizes originality and innovative strength. Thus, countries like Malaysia, Iran and the Republic of Korea are represented with several works. German film, too, presents itself at the Berlinale in high creative form. The Forum introduces two feature films and two documentaries that go their own narrative and thematic ways. Ulrich Köhler’s Montag kommen die Fenster (Windows on Monday) focuses on a young woman who flees the malaise of family life for a surreal moment, while the 18-year-old mother in Henner Winckler’s Lucy feels her way toward an undefined ideal of life. Thomas Arslan’s Aus der Ferne (From Far Away) and Aysun Bademsoy’s Am Rand der Städte (On the Outskirts) seem to beg for comparison. Both filmmakers traveled in Turkey and approach a country without which everyday life in Germany today would be completely different. As as Special Screening the Forum presents the next to last Kinder von Golzow film Und wenn sie nicht gestorben sind... (And If They Haven't Passed Away... The Children from Golzow. The End of an Endless Story) by Barbara and Winfried Junge.

Films in the Forum 2006:

- 37 Uses for a Dead Sheep by Ben Hopkins, Great Britain/Turkey (WP)

- Am Rand der Städte by Aysun Bademsoy, Germany (WP)

- Another Morning (Sobhi Digar) by Nasser Refaie, Iran (WP)

- Atos dos Homens (Acts of Men) by Kiko Goifman, Brazil/Germany (WP)

- Au-delà de la haine (Beyond Hatred) by Olivier Meyrou, France (IP)

- Aus der Ferne by Thomas Arslan, Germany (WP)

- Babooska by Tizza Covi und Rainer Frimmel, Austria/Italy (IP)

- Barakat! by Djamila Sahraoui, Algeria/France (WP)

- Before Born (Jie guo) by Zhang Ming, China (EP)

- Big River by Funahashi Atsushi, Japan/USA (EP)

- Close to Home (Karov la bayit) by Dalia Hager und Vidi Bilu, Israel (EP)

- Combat by Patrick Carpentier, Belgium (WP)

- Congo River by Thierry Michel, Belgium (IP)

- Conversations on a Sunday Afternoon by Khalo Matabane, South Africa (EP)

- Dear Pyongyang by Yang Yong-hi, Japan (EP)

- De Particulier à Particulier (Hotel Harabati) by Brice Cauvin, France (WP)

- Doskonale popoludnie (The Perfect Afternoon) by Przemyslaw Wojcieszek, Poland (IP)

- Happy People by Aleksandr Shapiro, Ukraine (WP)

- Host & Guest (Bangmunja) by Shin Dong-il, Republic of Korea (IP)

- In Between Days by So Yong Kim, USA/Canada (IP)

- Inatteso (Unexpected) by Domenico Distilo, Italy (IP)

- John & Jane by Ashim Ahluwalia, India (EP)

- Kinetta by Yorgos Lanthimos, Greece (EP)

- Là-bas by Chantal Akerman, France/Belgium (WP)

- L’Appel des arènes (Wrestling Grounds) by Cheikh Ndiaye, Senegal/Morocco/France (WP)

- La Prisionera (The Prisoner) by Fermín Villanueva, Alejo Moguillansky, Argentina (WP)

- Lenz by Thomas Imbach, Switzerland/Germany (IP)

- Lucy by Henner Winckler, Germany (WP)

- Memory for Claire, Max, Ida and Company by Allan King, Canada (EP)

- Men at Work (Kargaran mashghool-e karand) by Mani Haghighi, Iran (IP)

- Monday Morning Glory (Lampu merah mati) by Woo Ming Jin, Malaysia (EP)

- Montag kommen die Fenster by Ulrich Köhler, Germany (WP)

- My Country, My Country by Laura Poitras, USA (WP)

- One Way Boogie Woogie / 27 Years Later by James Benning, USA (EP)

- Schuss! by Nicolas Rey, France (IP)

- Strange Circus by Sono Sion, Japan (EP)

- The Last Communist (Lelaki komunis terakhir) by Amir Muhammad, Malaysia (WP)

- The Peter Pan Formula (Peterpan-eui gongsik) by Cho Chang-ho, Republic of Korea (EP)

- We Can’t Go Home Again (Bokura wa mo kaerenai) by Fujiwara Toshi, Japan (WP)

- Wide Awake by Alan Berliner, USA (IP)

Special screenings:

- News from Home / News from House by Amos Gitai, Israel/France/Belgium (WP)

- Parineeta by Pradeep Sarkar, India

- Place de la République by Louis Malle, France 1972-74

- Tertium non datur by Lucian Pintilie, Romania (WP) / Visul lui Liviu (Liviu’s Dream) by Corneliu Porumboiu, Romania

- Und wenn sie nicht gestorben sind... Die Kinder by Golzow. Das Ende der unendlichen Geschichte by Barbara und Winfried Junge, Germany (WP)

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January 20, 2006