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Jan 27, 2005:
Short Films at the Berlinale: From Seaside Idyll to Political Reality

The Berlinale offers ample opportunity to study signature samples of the most diverse directors. Alongside young filmmakers who are able to evolve their styles in short films, established feature film directors also enjoy returning to this genre. The Berlinale has created a special platform for short films, giving them their own program slot and jury. This jury will evaluate both the films of the Competition and of the Panorama. In addition to the bears, the jury awards the Prix-UIP for the best European film from both programmes.

International Short Film Jury

Gabriela Tagliavini (Argentina)

Director and screenwriter Gabriela Tagliavini was born in Argentina. She celebrated one of the greatest cinema successes in Mexican film history with her feature Ladies Night (2003). Gabriela Tagliavini has also made short films and directed TV productions. She also gained recognition as a writer with her novel “Los colores de la memoria” (“The Colors of Memory”).

Marten Rabarts (New Zealand)

For many years Marten Rabarts worked as a producer and screenwriter for the cinema and television. In 2001 he became head of studies at Amsterdam’s Maurits Binger Film Institute. It was in this position that Rabarts made a decisive contribution towards realizing the film series Project 10 - Real Stories from a Free South Africa, premiered at the 2004 Forum.

Susan Korda (USA)

Susan Korda is active as cutter, screenwriter and director. In 1990 she received an Oscar nomination for editing the documentary film For all Mankind. In 1999 she presented her documentary One of Us at the Forum. Susan Korda lectures at schools including the New York Tisch School of the Arts and at the International Film School, Cologne.

Eight films from seven countries will screen in the Short Film Competition of the 55th Berlin International Film Festival, competing for the bears for the best short film. The award ceremony for the short films will take place on February 15, 2005 in the Berlinale Palast. At the Short-Film-Night in CinemaxX 3 on February 17, 2005 short films from the Competition, the Panorama and the Kinderfilmfest will be shown.

Kira Muratova, an interesting Russian contemporary director, depicts the crazy everyday life at a Russian hospital in her film Spravka (The Information).

Gigolo (with Amanda Lear) is an graduation work of Münchner Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen by the photographer Bastian Schweitzer from Zurich. The film focuses on an Arab man in Paris who makes a living as a prostitute. The film describes the outsider’s misery with relentless precision.

The Intervention by American director Jay Duplass is a psychological group drama: friends want to help one of their group to admit to his homosexuality. In an oppressive atmosphere the film shows how supposed friendliness results in injury and demands for absolute openness lead to cruelty.

The Israeli entry Don Kishot Be' Yerushalaim by Dani Rosenberg adds a metaphorical touch to a current theme: the dividing wall built between Israel and Palestinian lands. Time and again two Israelis disguised as Don Quixote and Sancho Panza run up against the fortification.

Milk by the Scott Peter Mackie Burns is being presented in two sections: the Competition and the Talent Project Market.

In Killing the Afternoon Irish director Margaret Corkery depicts with witty irony the agonies and boredom associated with recuperation on the beaches of the Irish coast.

Child in Time by Slovenian director Maja Weiss unites religious symbolism with rock music. In the film accompanied by the music of Deep Purple, two children discover they are locked inside a church.

The second German entry is by Polish director Izabela Plucinska. The film was supported by the HFF Potsdam and the Nipkov Programme: Jam Session is an animation film with plasticine figures.

Short Film Competition:

Child in Time by Maja Weiss,

Slovenia, 15 min.

Don Kishot Be’ Yerushalaim by Dani Rosenberg,

Israel, 5 min.

Gigolo by Bastian Schweitzer,

Germany/ Switzerland, 15 min.

The Intervention by Jay Duplass,

USA, 15 min.

Jam Session by Izabela Plucinska

Germany, 10 min.

Killing the Afternoon by Margaret Corkery,

Ireland/ Great Britain, 9 min.

Milk by Peter Mackie Burns;

Great Britain, 10 min.

Spravka (The Information) by Kira Muratova,

Russia, 10 min.

Press Office

January 27, 2005