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Jan 28, 2003:
Special Events

Special Events

For the second consecutive year, the Official Programme of the Berlin International Film Festival will be enhanced by a series of discussions and other events aimed at industry professionals and the general public. Special Events invites you to interdisciplinary discussions on film and cinema where aesthetic and philosophical questions will play an important role alongside business and industry topics.

Yasujiro Ozu: His Work, His Style, His Relevance Today

On February 10, in addition to the screenings of Ozu films in the official programme, experts will be discussing the “myth” of Yasujiro Ozu. For many, Ozu is considered to be a master, forerunner, and prophet. Hardly any other Japanese director has been so widely written about and researched. Hardly any other was and still is so passionately revered. In addition, there is almost no one whose image is still so continuously evoked in films and texts. His unique style and philosophy are still hot topics of discourse in Film Theory.

Framing Reality

The senses reawaken in the darkness of the cinema. How do we perceive films, and how do new forms of perception evolve in the observer when film methods change? For the second year running at the Berlinale, on February 9, Framing Reality will be looking into the relationship between the illusion of film and external reality. The first event focuses on cinema's most immediate sensory impact: the effect on the eyes and ears. The discussion Ohren-Blicke - Sound and Vision probes the relationship between image and sound in their different constellations: in commercial Hollywood cinema the film often serves as a platform for a potential chart hit, in contrast to films based on the Dogma principles of realism which reject all artificiality of sound. So, what constitutes the “right” soundtrack? Film composers, directors and musicologists will be joining up for a discussion on this topic. In the second panel discussion, Augen-Blinzeln - Bytes and Celluloid, experts will be debating how visual habits are changing in the digital age, and whether future narrative forms may even cross the borderlines of the screen. Can the eye keep up with the pace of these developments? Or might there be a longing for a renaissance of real, slow and genuine places and images in the age of digital production. Framing Reality is being staged in cooperation with the Einstein Forum and Bertelsmann AG.

4. Berliner Forum zur Filmwirtschaft: International Content Summit

As an economic item the film has to unite a number of opposites: it should of course be marketable, but as it is also a cultural factor, it should be independent and, in the best sense, a lender of identity at the same time. The International Content Summit is concerned with both the content and the economic aspects of film production. Globalization is opening up an unexpectedly wide variety of distribution options for film producers. On the other hand, we have to ask ourselves whether this great diversity is likely to affect the content of films in the future. Which key values will the 21st century shape, and will they be universal? What position will cinematographers be taking? Under the heading Film, Values and Society these questions will be addressed in the first of two panel discussions that take place on February 11.
The second discussion will focus on Globalization versus National Cinema to discover how film as an exploitable economic item can preserve a national profile. This is a problem with which German filmmakers and film-lovers are particularly well-acquainted, and it will be debated by funders and producers from a variety of countries.
The International Content Summit is co-hosted by the Banff Television Foundation, the Canadian Embassy in Berlin, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Messe Berlin und NFP Neue Filmproduktion GmbH.


In cooperation with the 53rd Berlin International Film Festival, ottfilm und Trigger Happy Productions present the film Poem by Ralf Schmerberg on February 8 and 9. Poem is an emotional journey through the various stages of human existence: love and friendship, the pain of change, the fear of one’s fate and the joy of life. The film invites you to rediscover of 19 poems by German language poets such as Hermann Hesse, Paul Celan, Ingeborg Bachmann, Georg Trakl and Heiner Müller. Prominent actors like Meret Becker, Luise Rainer, Klaus Maria Brandauer, Jürgen Vogel, David Bennent, appear in front of the camera.
Thirteen renowned cinematographers like Darius Khondji, Robby Müller Nicola Peccorini and Franz Lustig filmed around the world: on the beach at Rio, at the foot of the Himalayas, in Iceland and during the Easter processions in Spain, as well as in Berlin.

January 28, 2003