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Press Releases 2003


Feb 11, 2003:
Short Film Awards 2003

This year’s newly established International Short Film Jury awards prizes for short films screened in the Competition and Panorama sections.

The members of the jury

Andreas Dresen (Germany),

Phyllis Mollet (France),

Thom Palmen (Sweden)

award the following prizes:

Golden Berlin Bear for Best Short Film to



von Stefan Arsenijeviè (Slovenia)

Jury Prize, Silver Berlin Bear, ex aequo to the short films


In Absentia

von Lucía Cedrón (Argentina)



The Tram N° 9 goes

von Stepan Koval (Ukraine)

Prix UIP Berlin

An initiative of the UIP and European Film Academy in cooperation with the Berlin International Film Festival.

The prize includes EUR 2,000 and automatic nomination to the 2003 European Film Awards. The winner is selected from the short films participating in the Competition and Panorama sections.

The International Short Film Jury awards the Prix UIP to



von Stefan Arsenijeviè (Slovenia)

The film succeeds in giving a forceful and emotional picture of survival as well as of the power of art in times of war.

Panorama short film award

The jury awards the following prizes to films shown in the Panorama:

For Best Short Film to


by Jonathan LeMond (USA)

In compelling images without any dialogue and with an outstanding leading actress, the film depicts the simple and hence so impressive story of a young homeless woman who, despite living in an unscrupulous world, rediscovers her conscience.

The New York Film Academy Scholarship to


I could have been human

by Barbara Medajska (Poland)

This powerful documentary tenderly portrays men and women who are forced to survive in seclusion at the edge of an industrial zone.

And a Special Mention to:


by Eran Merav (Israel)

For the sensitive realization of a simple story about the pain and cruelty between friends in the days of first love.

February 11, 2003