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Until november 2020 applications for Accreditation / EFM Registration are not accepted.

Please note that all information currently given on these pages refers to the Berlinale 2020 and is given subject to alteration in order to offer a general insight into accreditation procedures.

The Berlinale offers a limited allocation of Student Accreditations at the preferential price of 80€ to all universities across the world with film-related degree courses.

We cannot accept individual requests from students. Students that wish to apply for accreditation should contact an official representative of their university who can then get in touch with us.

1. University requests Student Accreditations

Universities can apply for an allocation of accreditations for their students until December 15.

To make an application, please send a description of the course content / area of study and state the desired number of accreditations to

2. Student Codes for distribution to students

After checking the request a certain number of "student codes" will be sent out to the school/ university. Please note that this number might differ from the originally requested one. Those "student codes" are then to be passed on to the students.

"Student codes" are exclusively intended to be used by students and not by university administration staff nor the teaching staff. They may apply online for professional accreditation without a code and have the option to request a Festival Accreditation and/ or a Market Badge.

3. Redeem codes until December 31

Students are required to use those codes when completing the online application form. "Student codes" must be used by December 31 via “My Account”.

Please note that students:

  • may only be accredited for the Berlinale through their school once
  • may not apply for a Market Badge
  • must show their student ID when picking up their accreditation

  • Access to festival screenings (every section, though not at all times and at every venue)*
  • Limited access to EFM locations (Gropius Bau & Marriott Hotel) between Feb 21 (Fri.) - Feb 24 (Mon.) only from 5pm
  • Access to public events of Berlinale Talents
  • Access to LOLA at Berlinale
  • Publication in the "Who’s Where"

* This excludes Competition screenings in the Berlinale Palast. When you pick up your accreditation badge, you will receive an information sheet about the conditions of access that comes with your accreditation.

Can I access ALL festival screenings with my Festival Accreditation?
The Festival Accreditation allows access to festival screenings of each section, though not at all times or at every venue. One week prior to the festival, the Berlinale will inform you by email about the detailed access regulations of your accreditation.

How do I obtain a ticket?
Most public screenings require tickets, which are free of additional charge. These tickets are available at ticket counters reserved for accredited participants and must be picked up in person by showing your badge. They are issued on a first come, first served basis and are subject to availability. Tickets for accredited festival participants are only valid for personal use and only in combination with your Festival Accreditation. The badge must be presented together with your ticket at the cinema entrance. There is a maximum of one ticket per person per screening and time slot. Note that there is no guarantee for obtaining tickets for certain screenings or for obtaining a particular number of tickets.

Can someone else pick up tickets for me?
Tickets must be picked up in person by showing your badge.

How many days in advance can I get a ticket?
Tickets for accredited participants are available for the on-going and the following day. No advance reservations are possible.

When is the best time to appear at the ticket counter to request my preferred tickets?
Tickets are issued on a first come, first served basis. Please be aware that there might be long queues at the ticket counter, especially during the first weekend of the festival. The earlier you arrive at the ticket counter, the higher are your chances of getting the tickets you prefer.

How can I cancel a ticket?
We kindly ask you to return tickets that cannot be used at the respective issue counter. For expired tickets, there is no possibility to visit another screening of the film, because accredited guests can receive a maximum of one ticket per film / event.

Can I also attend festival screenings without a ticket, simply by presenting my Festival Accreditation?
A small selection of screenings can be visited by only presenting your Festival Accreditation at the cinema entrance. You have to queue in line for accredited persons at the respective cinema. Please note that admittance to a cinema for which you would only need to show your accreditation badge cannot be guaranteed. For particularly popular screenings you are advised to arrive early in order to secure an advantageous place in the queue, because it is likely that the number of accredited people seeking admittance will exceed the number of seats reserved for this group.

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For technical questions concerning the accreditation process please contact the Web Support:

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