Back to the Body: A Laughing Workshop

How can we strengthen ourselves to find each other again, to resurrect our childlike yen for wonder, or even start to overcome personal trauma? With the challenges and worries we face on a daily basis, from hectic schedules to rampant stress, health crises and now the struggles of war and the fight for freedom, it becomes more crucial to return to the human body, the imagination and to learn ways to make both stronger. This is exactly what the two acting coaches from Berlinale Talents want to achieve when inviting Talents, actors from the festival, and all members of the public to join in their open workshop. By engaging body and mind with the group and exploring the healing power of laughter, we can embrace our struggles, deal with our flaws or even look for some comedy in them.
with Jean-Louis Rodrigue, Kristof Konrad 2023 English 90’ Event


  • Jean-Louis Rodrigue
  • Kristof Konrad


Thu Feb 23 14:00

HAU Hebbel am Ufer (HAU2)

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