Gazing... Unseeing

Gazing… Unseeing speculatively envisions a dystopian future scenario of an Egyptian city post-disaster. Floods have taken over the West Sahara, setting off a string of corporate and governmental measures to control the rioting population. The film is based on an interview with an imagined fugitive. Through different positions, ideological turns, and questions on economic sovereignty, the interview imagines the future of the greens’, governments’, and private sectors’ relations to infrastructure, privatization, ecology, surveillance, and migration.
by Mohamed Abdelkarim
with Mohamed Ali Bakr
Netherlands / Egypt 2021 Arabic 8’ Colour


  • Mohamed Ali Bakr


Written and Directed by Mohamed Abdelkarim
Cinematography Mohamed Abdelkarim
Music Mohamed Abdelkarim
Casting Mohamed Ali Bakr
Producer Mohamed Abdelkarim

Produced by

Mohamed Abdelkarim

Mohamed Abdelkarim

Mohamed Abdelkarim is a performance-oriented artist and researcher. He produces texts and images that embody the forms of poetry, scripts, sound, and video. Employing and reflecting on performative acts like narrating, singing, dancing, detecting, and doing, his work is concerned with the performance of renegades in a time of crisis, complicating the relationship between geography, landscape, and speculation.


2007 Gulf Daytime; 6 min. 2010 Virtual Conflict; 8 min. 2012 Conspiracy Exceeds; 5 min. 2013 External Rotation; video installation, 7 min. · Comparison Of Appearance; 17 min. 2014 His Highness' History; 6 min. 2021 I Almost Forgot The Roving Body...Let's Call It The Future; 7 min. · Gazing... Unseeing

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