Oct 01, 2021
Berlinale Spotlight: Generation in Rome

Cryptozoo by Dash Shaw

For many years, the Berlinale has been present around the world with specially curated programmes. The Berlinale Spotlight extends the festival period and thus makes the activities of the Berlinale visible throughout the entire year.

Under the title Berlinale Spotlight: Generation a programme composed of films from the Generation 14plus 2021 edition will be presented in cooperation with Alice nella città which is a festival dedicated to the young audience in affiliation with the Rome Film Festival.

The Berlinale Spotlight will take place in Rome from October 14 to 24, 2021, in the presence of Maryanne Redpath, Head of Generation.

“Working together with the visionary makers of Alice nella città for some twenty years has been a great enrichment. Full of passion, and within the framework of our individual contexts, we annually curate programmes with films of great importance for young audiences – and for everyone else: films that campaign for the worlds of childhood and adolescence, both in their treatment of topics and in their respective cinematographic forms. The times in which we live are critical, and this cooperation provides a necessary impulse - for filmmakers, for festival organisers and for viewers. Together we are strong!” says Maryanne Redpath. “I am also very pleased that Alice nella città is honouring the Polish director Dorota Kędzierzawska with an homage. Her iconic work has always impressed me deeply. Since 1995, several of her films have been presented and have received awards at the Berlinale.”

The following films of the Generation 14plus programme 2021 will be presented in Rome:

Cryptozoo by Dash Shaw
USA 2021

From the Wild Sea by Robin Petré
Denmark 2021

Stop-Zemlia by Kateryna Gornostai
Ukraine 2021
Crystal Bear of the Generation 14plus Youth Jury

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October 1, 2021