Sochaux, 11 juin 68

Sochaux, 11th of June 1968
As the “Medvedkin Group”, a group of workers from Sochaux shot films about their daily lives at work and labour struggles with the support of filmmakers (including Chris Marker). Sochaux, 11 juin 68 is about a militant strike in the Peugeot factory that led to several deaths.
by Groupe Medvedkine Sochaux France 1970 French 20’ Documentary form


Director Groupe Medvedkine Sochaux

Groupe Medvedkine Sochaux

The Groupe Medvedkine Sochaux was a group of filmmakers founded in 1968, which was active in the eastern French city of Sochaux. The collective consisted of about 40 young militant workers from the local Peugeot factory as well as politically committed filmmakers, including Bruno Muel and Chris Marker. The name of the group was chosen as a homage to the work of Soviet director Alexandr Medvedkin. Another Groupe Medvedkine was active in Besançon.


1972 Week-end à Sochaux; 53 min. 1973 Le train en marche (Die Kamera in der Fabrik); 89 min., with Chris Marker · Septembre chilien (Chilian September); 39 Min., with Bruno Muel, Théo Robichet 1974 Avec le sang des autres (The Blood of the Others); 52 min., with Bruno Muel

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