Mugge & vejfesten

Monty and the Street Party | Mugge und das Straßenfest
“Today was 1000% perfect and tomorrow will be even better! Life's looking good for Monty and everyone I know!”

Monty is a perfectly normal boy living in a perfectly normal city, surrounded by all sorts of eccentric neighbours, from bearded nuns on stilts to parkour nudists. But one day, dark clouds start to gather over his idyllic world. Monty‘s best friend suddenly decides she is too old to play with him, his mother has fallen in love with her CrossFit trainer, his father has become depressed – and to top it all, the annual street party has been cancelled. This will not do! Monty‘s quest to save the day unfolds with bizarre humour and a keen sense for the absurd – and running commentary by Pelle Asbjørn Eriksen, lone employee of the Secret Service of Denmark, manning the surveillance cameras with his wannabe superstar mongrel, Helmuth.
by Anders Morgenthaler, Mikael Wulff
with Jens Jacob Tychsen, Anders Morgenthaler, Iben Hjejle, Stephania Potalivo, Nikolaj Kopernikus, Mia Lyhne, Mikael Wulff, Lars Hjortshøj, Martin Brygmann, Sofie Linde
Denmark 2019 Danish 80’ Colour empfohlen ab 9 Jahren


  • Jens Jacob Tychsen (Monty)
  • Anders Morgenthaler (Thorbjørn)
  • Iben Hjejle (Kirsten)
  • Stephania Potalivo (Sofia)
  • Nikolaj Kopernikus (Henrik)
  • Mia Lyhne (Britta)
  • Mikael Wulff (Allanerne)
  • Lars Hjortshøj (Pelle)
  • Martin Brygmann (Pierre)
  • Sofie Linde (Karina)


Director Anders Morgenthaler, Mikael Wulff
Screenplay Anders Morgenthaler, Mikael Wulff
Animation Supervisor Mikkel Okholm
Editing Anders Skov, Malte Pedersson
Music Yves Gourmeur
Sound Design Morten Dalsgaard
Production Design Frederik Storm
Production Manager Niclas Warner
Producer Julie Lind-Holm, Jonas Bagger
Executive Producer Peter Aalbæk Jensen
Co-Producers Marie Gade, Robin Kerremanns, Mark Denessen, Lizette Jonjic, Dimitri Verbeeck
Co-Production Caviar Mecheln
Zentropa Belgium Brüssel
Zentropa Sweden Göteborg

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Produced by

New Creations

Zentropa Entertainments

Anders Morgenthaler

Born in Denmark in 1972, he graduated from the Design School Kolding in 1998 and then studied at the National Film School of Denmark in Copenhagen. His graduation film Araki - The Killing of a Japanese Photographer screened in the 2003 Berlinale Competition. His animated feature film Princess was selected as the opening film for the Director’s Fortnight in Cannes. He most recently directed I Am Here, a drama starring Kim Basinger, before returning to animation with Mugge & vejfesten.


2001 Katjakaj & Bentebent 1; short film · Katjakaj & Bentebent 2; short film 2002 Tyr; short film · Araki - The Killing of a Japanese Photographer; short film 2006 Princess 2007 Eat Shit and Die; short film · Ekko 2008 Carsten & Gittes Movie Madness; short film 2009 Æblet & Ormen · Carsten & Gittes Vennevilla; TV series 2014 I Am Here 2019 Mugge & vejfesten (Monty and the Street Party)

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2020

Mikael Wulff

Born in Denmark in 1972, he has written the screenplay for the feature film Allegro, which was selected for Sundance, as well as directing the TV series Perfekte steder.


2001 Kissmeyer Basic; TV series 2005 Den lille pige med svovlstikkerne 2017 Perfekte steder (Perfect Places); TV series, 2017–2019 2019 Mugge & vejfesten (Monty and the Street Party)

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2020