Frede accompanies her big sister to a queer party in the hope of winning back her ex-girlfriend. Labelled by the older girls as Babydyke, all she can do is take the plunge: Chin up and stay cool. This film describes the broad palette of interpersonal emotions with great sensitivity and dramatic intensity. In a rhythm of light and shadow, the gulf closes between own desires and the expectations of others.
by Tone Ottilie
with Anna Zerbib Streitz, Levi Eja Roepstorff, Nikoline Husmer Marquardsen, Line Friis, Zelma Feldman Lewerissa, Frey Elliot
Denmark 2019 Danish 20’ Colour


  • Anna Zerbib Streitz (Frede)
  • Levi Eja Roepstorff (Natasja)
  • Nikoline Husmer Marquardsen (Rosa)
  • Line Friis (Woman in Bar)
  • Zelma Feldman Lewerissa (Stella)
  • Frey Elliot (Kris)


Director Tone Ottilie
Screenplay Ida Åkerstrøm Knudsen, Tone Ottilie
Cinematography Emil Aagaard
Editing Arendse Løvind Andersen, Martin Anthon Sørensen
Music Neri-J, Cathrine Ellegaard Landberg, Lærke Maria Skovhøj
Sound Design Jakob Strandgaard Davidsen
Sound Jakob Strandgaard Davidsen
Production Design Josefine Else Larsen
Costumes Rebecca Sophia Morris Sigaard
Make-Up Trille Becker Malling
Assistant Director Arendse Løvind Andersen
Casting Kasper Hjort, Ida Åkerstrøm Knudsen
Production Manager Sarah Chheiber
Producer Mille Astrup

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Ash Production

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Ash Production

Tone Ottilie

The 24-year-old director lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. In 2017, she took up a directing degree at the National Film School of Denmark and works in animation, fiction and documentary. She is passionate about the authentic representation of young women, queer issues and moving storytelling. Since 2013, she has been a freelance director, cinematographer and editor on commercials, fiction and documentary projects.

Filmography (short films)

2013 Cherrybombs 2014 A+A; co-director: Casper Buitendijk 2015 Twister; co-director: Casper Buitendijk · Det romantiske vaesen; short documentary 2016 Lulus første gang (Lulu IRL) 2019 Babylebbe (Babydyke)

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