Vil, má

Divinely Evil
A drawing room with salmon-coloured walls, tapestries, busts, house plants, a dressmaker’s dummy. In a velvet armchair with gold trim sits Wilma Azevedo, 74, Brazil’s “queen of sadomasochistic literature”. She is asked by the director to tell the story of her life, which quickly branches out into a series of detailed erotic anecdotes involving green bananas, dildos made of sandpaper and over-stimulated nerves. In her heyday, she received 300 love letters a month, an incredible success story. Sometimes her memory fails her, at which point the young actress in the background, who is supposed to play her in an upcoming film, comes to her aid. Halfway through the film, which purports to be research, the armchair is reclined slightly and the protagonist then tells another life story, featuring a similarly pornographic narrative, but one that also gives an account of a journalist’s difficult emancipation, navigating the dangerous terrain of male fantasies. In static shots of a moving figure, a still life of passions retold comes into focus.
by Gustavo Vinagre
with Edivina Ribeiro, Wilma Azevedo, Jules* Elting
Brazil 2020 Portuguese 86’ Colour Documentary form


  • Edivina Ribeiro (Wilma)
  • Wilma Azevedo (Edivina)
  • Jules* Elting (Wanda)


Written and Directed by Gustavo Vinagre
Cinematography Thais Taverna
Editing Gabriel Pessoto
Sound Design Victor Jaramillo
Sound Jonathan Macías
Production Design Max Eluard, Fernando Zuccolotto
Costumes Fernando Zuccolotto
Make-Up Fernando Zuccolotto
Production Manager Carlos Barbosa
Producers Gustavo Vinagre, Rodrigo Carneiro, Max Eluard
Executive Producers Max Eluard, Gustavo Vinagre

Produced by

Carneiro Verde Filmes

Avoa Filmes

Gustavo Vinagre

Born in 1985 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He studied literature as well as screenwriting. Gustavo Vinagre screened A rosa azul de Novalis (2019) and Vil, má (2020) at the Berlinale Forum.


2012 Filme para poeta cego (Film for Blind Poet); 27 min. 2013 La llamada (The Call); 19 min. · Nova Dubai; 50 min. 2014 Mãos que curam (Healing Hands); 19 min. 2015 Chutes (Kicks); 24 min. 2016 Os cuidados que se com o cuidado que os outros devem ter consigo mesmos (The Cares One Takes of the Care Others Must Take of Themselves); 21 min. 2017 Filme-catástrofe (Disaster Film); 18 min. · Cachorro (Bitch); 14 min. · Medo medo medo (Fear Fear Fear); 20 min. 2018 Lembro mais dos corvos (I Remember the Crows); 82 min. 2019 A rosa azul de Novalis (The Blue Flower of Novalis); 70 min. 2020 Vil, má (Divinely Evil); 86 min. 2021 Desaprender a dormir (Unlearning to sleep); 94 min. · Deus tem AIDS (God Has AIDS); 82 min. · Monumento ao Wi-Fi (Monument to Wi-Fi); 14 min. 2022 Três tigres tristes (Three Tidy Tigers Tied a Tie Tighter); 86 min.

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