Progresso Renaissance

Portovesme, Sardinia. Images of a past summer. The waves of the sea crash ceaselessly on the rocks. A group of boys ride their bikes to the beach, passing abandoned industrial buildings that once heralded a new age. In this cross-genre film made up of archive footage and 16mm recordings, the time between 1969 and the present seems to merge. In a region in which development has come to a standstill, the group of boys symbolizes a whole generation.
by Marta Anatra
with Tommaso Meloni, Simone Biggio, Daniele Fulghesu
Italy / France 2019 Italian, Sardinian 20’ Colour Documentary form


  • Tommaso Meloni
  • Simone Biggio
  • Daniele Fulghesu


Director Marta Anatra
Cinematography Gabriel Dutrait
Editing Marta Anatra
Music Fabrizio Bozzi Fenu, Erika Sofia Sollo, Gino Robair
Sound Design Fabrizio Frisan
Sound Fabrizio Frisan
Assistant Director Claudia Mollese
Producer Marta Anatra
Executive Producer Marta Anatra
Co-Producer Martine Derain
Co-Production Film Flamme Marseille

Produced by

Marta Anatra

Marta Anatra

Born in Sardinia in 1972, she now lives in Marseilles. A fine artist, director and editor, she studied painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze and then documentary at the Aix-Marseille University. Progresso Renaissance is her fourth short documentary. She is currently working on her first feature-length film.


2011 L’uomo d’argento; short documentary 2012 Architetto verde; short documentary 2013 Radici aeree; video installation documentary 2015 La double absence; short documentary 2019 Progresso Renaissance; short documentary

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2020