Perspektive Deutsches Kino

Dec 16, 2019
Empowerment in the Perspektive

Currently, four films have been selected for the Perspektive Deutsches Kino programme; graduation and debut films, all fiction or documentary. The programme will open on Friday, February 21, 2020 at Kino International with the feature-length film Kids Run by Barbara Ott, who previously gained recognition in 2013 with her 30-minute graduation film Sunny and won the FIRST STEPS award.

Eline Doenst, Giuseppe Bonvissuto, Jannis Niewöhner, Sophia Demer in Kids Run by Barbara Ott

Perspektive Deutsches Kino Premieres to Take Place at Kino International

Perspektive Deutsches Kino (section head Linda Söffker) is re-establishing itself and providing a platform for young German film at the historic Kino International. The first four film directors, whose films promise a versatile cinema and festival year are “ones to watch”. In the area of the internationally-orientated Berlinale sections and initiatives, Perspektive Deutsches Kino provides up-and-coming German film with an excellent platform for presentation, as well as connecting film teams with international festival curators, distributors, sales agents, editors and critics. All selected films are in competition for the Compass-Perspektive-Award and for the first time this year for the Heiner Carow Prize, endowed by the DEFA Foundation.

Ein Fisch, der auf dem Rücken schwimmt (A Fish Swimming Upside Down)
by Eliza Petkova
with Nina Schwabe, Theo Trebs, Henning Kober, Anna Manolova, Márton Nagy, Leon Ullrich
World premiere

Andrea, a woman without a past, is the object of both Philipp’s and his son’s desire. A love triangle filled with expectations, longing and fears leaves open the speculation of who knows what about whom.

Garagenvolk (Garage People)
by Natalija Yefimkina
World premiere / Documentary form / Debut film

In Russia’s unwelcoming north, garages stretch out into endlessness. Behind rusty doors everything can be found, except cars. They are the refuge of the Russian man, the vanishing point out of bleak daily life and a signal of hope for big dreams.

Kids Run
by Barbara Ott
with Jannis Niewöhner, Lena Tronina, Eline Doenst, Giuseppe Bonvissuto, Carol Schuler, Sascha Geršak, Oliver Konietzny
World premiere / Opening film / Debut film

Andi’s life is a constant battle for his home, his three children and the woman he still loves. He only has two weeks to pay her back the borrowed 5,000 €. When he loses his job, an amateur boxing tournament looks like the only solution.

Walchensee Forever
by Janna Ji Wonders
World premiere / Documentary form / Debut film

If there is such a thing as a family memory that carries forward over the course of history, then it determines the actions of every generation. The director tells the story of the women in her family, set amongst Walchensee, the Summer of Love, hippie dreams and the harem surrounding Rainer Langhans.

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