Il était une seconde fois

Twice Upon a Time
Vincent and Louise were once very much in love, but they split up some months ago. By chance, Vincent comes into possession of a box which allows him to revisit his time with Louise. Will he get a second chance? And what has Iceland got to do with it?
by Guillaume Nicloux
with Gaspard Ulliel, Freya Mavor, Patrick D'Assumçao, Steve Tran, Claire Sermonne, Sacha Canuyt, Sylvain Creuzevault, Jonathan Manzambi
France 2018 French, English 192’ Colour


  • Gaspard Ulliel (Vincent Dauda)
  • Freya Mavor (Louise Arron)
  • Patrick D'Assumçao (André)
  • Steve Tran (Than)
  • Claire Sermonne (Nadège)
  • Sacha Canuyt (Stanley)
  • Sylvain Creuzevault (Alexis)
  • Jonathan Manzambi (Deliveryman)


Director Guillaume Nicloux
Screenplay Guillaume Nicloux, Nathalie Leuthreau
Producer Bruno Nahon
Co-Production Arte France
Broadcaster Arte

World sales

Federation Entertainment

Produced by

Unité de Production

Guillaume Nicloux


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