Young Samoan Solo’s job is to translate for non-English speaking Samoans on trial before the New Zealand colonial Native Court in 1920s Western Samoa. Eyed suspiciously by his countrymen, Solo finds himself increasingly torn between his duty and his community. When Nua, an older woman chief, boldly refuses to play along with the colonial narrative of legitimate domination, Solo has to face up to his personal role in helping to bolster colonial rule. As the camera lingers on the faces of Liliu's protagonists, it captures pain and conflict, defiance and resilience.
by Jeremiah Tauamiti
with Vito Vito, Ana Tuisila, Peter Hayden, Tuiasau Uelese Petaia
New Zealand 2018 English, Samoan 17’ Colour


  • Vito Vito (Solo)
  • Ana Tuisila (Nua)
  • Peter Hayden (Judge Aitken)
  • Tuiasau Uelese Petaia (Leota)


Written and Directed by Jeremiah Tauamiti
Cinematography Tim Flower
Editing Peter Roberts
Music Opeloge Ah Sam
Sound Design Luana Barnes
Sound Shamir Rodriguez
Production Design Vea Mafile'o
Costumes Katerina Fatupaito
Make-Up Levonne Scott
Casting Fiona Collins
Assistant Director Neil James
Producer Ngaire Fuata

Produced by

SunPix Ltd

Jeremiah Tauamiti

This freelance film and television director lives and works in Auckland, New Zealand. He began his career as a television camera operator and has produced, directed and filmed for broadcasters including TVNZ, TV3 and Maori TV as well as producing several videos for the New Zealand government. As a writer and director he made his feature film debut For My Father’s Kingdom.


2017 Maria; short film 2018 Liliu; short film 2019 For My Father's Kingdom

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2019