Foziye is in her fifties and her husband has disappeared. Oil leaks from her body. Should she hide her special gift? Or cash in on it?
From this oil metaphor, a surreal narrative experiment develops, the portrait of a country in which everything – people, animals, homes – is off-kilter. At one breakfast, the chairs and tables in Foziye’s apartment begin to shake. Part of the roof caves in during the tremor, whose cause remains unclear. The inhabitants of the building go back to their daily routines, but the aftershocks persist. Everybody wants to leave the country, including the Afghan man who helps out in the household but is only passing through. Foziye goes to the German embassy while her daughter obtains illegal passports for herself and her son. A feeling of paranoia emanates from the images. With the Afghan’s help, Foziye and her relatives are able to hide in the countryside. Fear and uncertainty combine with mysterious events and phenomena, leading to a feeling of distrust within a community forced to share a common fate. Chaos will run its course.
by Suzan Iravanian
with Armik Gharibian, Ziba Eslamloo, Hasti Khaledi, Saeed Saeedy, Mohammad Saleh Ghetmiri, Keyvan Gharaee Nezhad
Iran / Czech Republic 2019 Farsi, Pashayi 104’ Colour


  • Armik Gharibian (Foziye)
  • Ziba Eslamloo (Jale)
  • Hasti Khaledi (Leila)
  • Saeed Saeedy (Saeed)
  • Mohammad Saleh Ghetmiri (Mohammad)
  • Keyvan Gharaee Nezhad (Ahmadshah)


Written and Directed by Suzan Iravanian
Cinematography Ramzi Hibri
Editing Majid Barzegar, Suzan Iravanian
Sound Design Amirhossein Ghasemi
Sound Sasan Kave, Sorosh Zahedi
Costumes Keyvan Gharaee Nezhad
Make-Up Keyvan Gharaee Nezhad
Producers Kaveh Farnam Europe Media Nest, Majid Barzegar Rainy Pictures Production

Produced by

Rainy Pictures Production

Suzan Iravanian

Born in Shiraz, Iran in 1985. She holds a B.A. in Art and Architecture, and also completed an M.A. in Filmmaking and in Cult Film & Television. Besides her work as a writer and filmmaker, she is also a photographer and graphic designer. Nasht is her first feature-length film.


2009 The 4th Character; 4 min. · Hajme shenavar (The Floating Volume); 10 min. · Songs from the Layers of Language; 20 min. 2013 Sakhtarhaye napeyda (The Missing Structures); 60 min. 2018 The Hybrids; 60 min. 2019 Nasht (Leakage)

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2019