Blue Diary

A lesbian spends a night with a straight woman. The next morning, she faces her unfulfilled expectations. Her thoughts relentlessly circle her desires and the indifference with which they are met. In an almost inexhaustible stream of consciousness that is simultaneously obsessive and tender, she relives the previous night which has gone nowhere; just like the streets and cul-de-sacs of San Francisco that seem to reflect her own mood in a deliberately laconic montage. Here, film historian Jenni Olson, who was also involved in the restoration of Buddies, finds a form for the relationship between words and images that is deeply touching in its simplicity.
by Jenni Olson USA 1997 English 6’ Colour


Written and Directed by Jenni Olson
Cinematography William E. Jones
Camera Assistant Rebekah Sitty
Editing Dawn Logsdon
Narrator Silas Howard 1997 known as Lynn Flipper
Sound Kadet Kuhne, Lauretta Molitor
Producers Emma Bufton, Julie Dorf, Anna Vavloukis
Associate Producers Scott Noble, Paul Lee, C.J. Roessler

World sales

Produced by

Treasury Street Productions

Jenni Olson

Born in Falcon Heights, Minnesota, USA in 1962, this filmmaker, film historian and critic took a degree in film studies at the University of Minnesota. She has made several short and long essayistic films which have screened and won awards at international festivals. She has a personal archive of rare LGBT film prints and has also won several awards for her work as a film historian. She is co-founder of the online platform and the Queer Brunch at Sundance, and also runs the website. Alongside her work as a consultant in digital film distribution and marketing, she is currently developing her third feature-length essay film.

Filmography (selection)

1991 Levi’s 501s Commercial; experimental video 1994 Sometimes; experimental video 1997 Blow-Up; experimental video · Blue Diary; short experimental film; Panorama 2000 Meep Meep!; experimental video 2003 Matzo Maidels; co-director: Monica Nolan; experimental video 2005 The Joy of Life; experimental film 2008 575 Castro St.; short experimental film; Panorama 2015 The Royal Road; experimental film

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