El tamaño de las cosas

The Size of Things | Das Maß der Dinge
Deep in the Colombian rainforest with its eerily creaking trees, lies the magical world portrayed by director Carlos Felipe Montoya, who in 2015 presented Camino del agua at Generation. In his new film, the desire for possessions casts a mysterious shadow on the simple life of Diego, a boy who lives in an unfurnished hut with his father. One day he comes across a wooden chair in the forest, and the proportions of life begin to sway.
by Carlos Felipe Montoya
with Diego Estiven Delgado, José Anatolio Delgado
Colombia 2019 Spanish 12’ Colour empfohlen ab 10 Jahren


  • Diego Estiven Delgado (Diego)
  • José Anatolio Delgado (Father)


Written and Directed by Carlos Felipe Montoya
Cinematography Germano Saracco
Editing Carlos Felipe Montoya
Sound Design Juanma López
Sound Mixing Daniel Vásquez
Sound Juanma López
Production Design Gonzalo Martínez
Art Director Gonzalo Martínez
Costumes Andrea López
Make-Up Anderson Rodriguez
Assistant Director Paula Murcia
Casting Santiago Fernández
Script Adviser Jonathan Fortich
Production Manager Maritza Daza
Post-Production Supervisor Juan Camilo Restrepo
Producer Isabel Cristina Vásquez
Executive Producers Isabel Cristina Vásquez

Carlos Felipe Montoya

Born in Medellín, Colombia in 1981, he studied philosophy at the Universidad de Antioquia, followed by creative writing at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. He made his directing debut in 2003 with the documentary La Casa de mi hermana. In his documentaries, he works with indigenous and farming communities throughout Colombia. Camino del agua, his first short fiction film, premiered at Generation in 2015 and went on to screen and win prizes at several other festivals. In 2016, it won the Premio Macondo of the Academia Colombiana de Artes y Ciencias Cinematográficas for Best Short Film.


2003 My Sister’s House; documentary 2004 Fandango; documentary 2006 Condor. The Flying Horse; documentary · The Expelled; documentary · Documenta 2007 Matatigre. The Tiger Hunter; documentary 2011 Magical Practices; documentary 2014 Camino del agua (Water Path); short film 2015 Kome Urue. Los niños de la selva (Kome Urue. The Children of the Jungle); documentary 2018 El tamaño de las cosas (The Size of Things); short film

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