Khan-e tarikh

The House of History
This short essay film was assembled by director Qader Tahiti from unedited newsreel footage shot by eight Afghan Films cameramen between 1993 and 1995. It combines stark documentation of the impact of the civil war on the city of Kabul with poetic narration, and uses the destruction of the archeological museum to represent the larger iconoclasm taking place in Afghanistan at that time.
by Qader Tahiri
with Sher Mohammad Khara
Afghanistan 1996 Dari 20’ Black/White


  • Sher Mohammad Khara (Narrator)


Director Qader Tahiri
Cinematography Qader Tahiri, Sayed Mawjoud Hussaini, Noor Hashim Abir, Sarwarudin Haidari, Shah Mohammed, Mirwais Ahmadi
Editing Mumtaz Ahmadzai
Sound Abdulla Wafa
Digital Restoration Afghan Films, National Archive of Afghanistan, Indexical Films

World sales

Rafi Azizi, National Archive of Afghanistan

Produced by

Afghan Films

Qader Tahiri

He primarily worked as a news cameraman for Afghan Films. Khan-e tarikh is his only directorial work.


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