Director Sandy Bates is in crisis. After making successful comedies, he wants to make a more serious film, but the studio finds it so depressing that they demand changes. Sandy decides he needs a distraction and agrees to attend a retrospective of his work at the seaside. At the Stardust Hotel, he patiently puts up with adoring fans re-enacting scenes from his movies, and the arrival of his lover, who has taken her two children and left her husband. He hallucinates extraterrestrials and an assassin who strikes him down. But mostly he thinks about his relationship with Dorrie, an actor … His dream woman! She reads Schopenhauer and knows how to make filet de boeuf fourré périgourdine. Given that the unstable beauty is played by Charlotte Rampling, it was of no interest to the fictional filmmaker that Dorrie herself said “I’m fascinating. But I’m trouble”. His alter ego, Woody Allen, allows Charlotte Rampling gaze for an entire wonderful minute into the camera, capturing her renowned look for all eternity.
by Woody Allen
with Woody Allen, Charlotte Rampling, Jessica Harper, Marie-Christine Barrault, Tony Roberts, Helen Hanft, Daniel Stern, John Rothman, Amy Wright
USA 1980 English 88’ Black/White Rating R12


  • Woody Allen
  • Charlotte Rampling
  • Jessica Harper
  • Marie-Christine Barrault
  • Tony Roberts
  • Helen Hanft
  • Daniel Stern
  • John Rothman
  • Amy Wright


Written and Directed by Woody Allen
Cinematography Gordon Willis
Editing Susan E. Morse
Sound James Sabat
Production Design Mel Bourne
Art Director Michael Molly
Costumes Santo Loquasto
Producers Jack Rollins, Charles H. Joffe

Woody Allen


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