Fire in Cardboard City

In Pappstadt brennt’s
The skyscrapers, the cars, the panicked people in the streets – here, everything is made of cardboard and due to a car accident, going up in flames. The disaster becomes a perfect storm when even the fire brigade’s water catches fire. Their heroic efforts remain futile, only making things worse. An absurd and fast-paced animated spectacle, well worthy of the filmmaker’s own tongue-in-cheek description ‘mini-blockbuster’.
by Phil Brough
with Leigh Hart, Ella Wilks, Anna Hall, Jeremy Wells, Matt Heath, Betsy Brough, Murphy Brough, Edith Gallichan-Stewart, Francis Gallichan-Stewart
New Zealand 2017 English 9’ Colour empfohlen ab 9 Jahren


  • Leigh Hart (Firechief)
  • Ella Wilks (Deputy)
  • Anna Hall (Woman in the skyscraper)
  • Jeremy Wells (Man in the helicopter 1)
  • Matt Heath (Man in the helicopter 2)
  • Betsy Brough (Child 1)
  • Murphy Brough (Child 2)
  • Edith Gallichan-Stewart (Child 3)
  • Francis Gallichan-Stewart (Child 4)


Director Phil Brough
Screenplay Phil Brough, Matt Heath
Cinematography Simon Ogston
Editing Phil Brough
Music Karl Steven, Lani Purkis
Animation Phil Brough
Sound Design Gareth Van Nikerk
Sound Gareth Van Nikerk
Producers Matt Heath, Orlando Stewart

Produced by


Phil Brough

Born in Queenstown, New Zealand in 1971, he is a director and actor who has extensive experience in the fields of 3D animation and visual effects. His work has featured on several television channels including the BBC, Cartoon Network and MTV Europe. He is also a core cast member of the New Zealand cult comedy series ‘Back of the Y Masterpiece Television’.


2017 Fire in Cardboard City; short film

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2018