Country Noise
After years of living it up, with two degrees in the bag but not a penny to her name and no meaningful purpose in life, Toni is now in her late twenties and is having an identity crisis. An inheritance serves as a welcome excuse to leave her cosmopolitan life behind and return to the village whose narrow confines she once fled. But this new beginning goes badly awry. As an intern in the local section of the regional newspaper, she feels totally undervalued and at home her interfering parents scarcely give her any room to breathe. Luckily she meets the fun-loving Rosa who helps her see her old stamping ground anew. Wild moped rides and nightly outings bring her back to life. But the more Rosa becomes attracted to the beautiful Toni, who seems only to think about herself, the more explosive the relationship becomes. The film delineates the search for identity of two women in a village that is increasingly being confronted by an ever more complex world.
by Lisa Miller
with Kathi Wolf, Nadine Sauter, Heidi Walcher, Karl Fischer, Julian Löhle, Corinna Kuttner, Volkram Zschiesche, Rupert Markthaler, Stephan Einfalt
Germany 2018 German 102’ Colour


  • Kathi Wolf (Toni)
  • Nadine Sauter (Rosa)
  • Heidi Walcher (Ilse)
  • Karl Fischer (Franz)
  • Julian Löhle (Mair)
  • Corinna Kuttner (Conny)
  • Volkram Zschiesche (chief editor Langmüller)
  • Rupert Markthaler (Chris Held)
  • Stephan Einfalt (Father Robert)


Written and Directed by Lisa Miller
Cinematography Hannes Kempert
Editing Lisa Miller
Music Robert Guschel
Sound Design Marco Schnebel
Sound Sebastian Löffler
Production Design Amelie Düffert
Costumes Kathrin Sälzle
Make-Up Nina Rueß
Casting Lisa Miller
Assistant Director Franziska Baur
Production Manager Johannes Müller
Executive Producer Johannes Müller
Producer Johannes Müller, Lisa Miller

Produced by

Miller&Müller Film GbR

Lisa Miller


2009 Marie; short film 2013 Tschernobyl, Fukushima, Gundremmingen; medium-length mockumentary 2015 Que viva Europa; documentary 2018 Landrauschen

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2018