La cama

The Bed
A man and a woman, naked in bed together. They attempt to make love, but are no longer capable of finding a shared rhythm. She begins to cry, and he brings her a glass of water. They both remain silent – perhaps everything has already been said.
Before entering the bedroom, the camera first explores the other rooms in the house. It seems that life no longer takes place there. The camera lingers, as if sensing what has happened. It observes a separation – or rather the outcome of a separation. It registers gestures and glances here that speak of an intimacy that isn’t part of the present any more, such as when the man and the woman, who are no longer young, look at photographs from the start of their relationship. Beautiful moments alternate with comical and sorrowful ones. She brings him vitamin tablets. When clearing out the wardrobe, they look at one another lovingly: When did they each wear this or that piece of clothing and in what situation? The two of them are usually nude. It is a nakedness that is not about exposing anything, perhaps more a habit from days spent together, or a response to the unrelenting heat. The only sound comes from the fan that provides fresh air.
by Mónica Lairana
with Sandra Sandrini, Alejo Mango
Argentina / Germany / Netherlands / Brazil 2018 Spanish 95’ Colour


  • Sandra Sandrini (Mabel)
  • Alejo Mango (Jorge)


Written and Directed by Mónica Lairana
Cinematography Flavio Dragoset
Editing Eduardo Serrano
Music Petronio Lorena
Sound Design Germán Chiodi
Sound Sofía Montes
Producers Mónica Lairana, Adriana Yurcovich, Gema Juarez Allen Gema Films, Paulo Pécora Rioabajo, Ingmar Trost Sutor Kolonko, Ana Alice de Morais 3 Moinhos, Laurette Schillings Topkapi Films

Produced by

Mónica Lairana

Adriana Yurcovich


3 Moinhos Produções

Topkapi Films

Mónica Lairana

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1973. She has acted in many theatre projects and feature films. La cama is her first feature film.


2010 Rosa; 10 min. 2012 María; 12 min. 2014 Emilia; 4 min. 2018 La cama (The Bed)

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2018