Mochila de plomo

Packing Heavy | Bleirucksack
‘If dad were alive… Would you still be together?’ · ‘Yes… Yes. I think so.’

Today is the day of truth. 12-year-old Tomás has listened to the grown-ups’ excuses and delaying tactics for long enough. His mother, his grandpa, the so-called friends of his dad have all conspired to weave a web of silence, excuses and contradictions. But now he’s had enough, because today is the day when the man who killed his father is being released from prison. And Tomás is ready. He has a loaded pistol in his rucksack. Fired up and determined to cut through the grown-ups’ lies, Tomás sets off though his home town. Following his debut Primero enero (Generation 2017) Darío Mascambroni once again demonstrates his talent for finely portraying a father-son story using atmospheric images close to his subject.
by Darío Mascambroni
with Facundo Underwood, Gerardo Pascual, Elisa Gagliano, Agustín Rittano, Osvaldo Wehbe, Rubén Gattino
Argentina 2018 Spanish 67’ Colour empfohlen ab 12 Jahren


  • Facundo Underwood (Tomás)
  • Gerardo Pascual (Pichín)
  • Elisa Gagliano (Andrea)
  • Agustín Rittano (Nenino)
  • Osvaldo Wehbe (Pancho)
  • Rubén Gattino (Jeje)


Director Darío Mascambroni
Screenplay Darío Mascambroni, Miguel Angel Papalini, Florencia Wehbe
Cinematography Nadir Medina
Editing Lucía Torres
Music Jeronimo Piazza, Jorge Nazar
Sound Design Martin Analuf
Production Design Ana María de Los Angeles Chacon
Costumes Mariana Asis
Make-Up Melina Araya
Assistant Director Florencia Wehbe
Production Management Dalmira Tobal
Executive Producer Fernanda Rocca
Producers Fernanda Rocca, Darío Mascambroni

Produced by


Darío Mascambroni

Born in Córdoba, Argentina in 1988, as a student he worked in various production capacities before focusing on directing and screenwriting. His feature film debut Primero enero (January) screened in the 2017 Generation and was awarded Best Picture - Argentine Official Competition at the Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema (BAFICI). Mochila de plomo (Packing Heavy) won the Raymundo Gleyzer development award from the Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales.


2016 Primero enero (January); Generation 2018 Mochila de plomo (Packing Heavy)

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2018