‘You know, the thought that everything is ephemeral is comforting, even though it’s sad. I think that’s one of the most important lessons in a relationship. You’re part of me, but you don't belong to me.’

Jan believes that people are selfish by nature, so he’s not surprised when the person who was supposed to give him a lift leaves him stranded in Berlin. Jule, however, thinks that people are fundamentally kind and sociable, and she offers Jan a lift in her camper van. They are both heading towards the Atlantic: Jan to Spain, and Jule to her boyfriend in Portugal. They only plan to travel as far as Cologne together, but with every passing mile, they discover more about each other’s lives. Does capitalism turn people into Neanderthals? Does monogamy lead to unhappiness, and can you choose who you fall in love with? A road trip across Western Europe, romantic and hungry for life, about two people torn between wanderlust and the longing to finally arrive.
by Hans Weingartner
with Mala Emde, Anton Spieker, Arndt Schwering-Sohnrey, Thomas Schmuckert, Jörg Bundschuh, Steven Lange, Martin Neuhaus, Hannah Schröder
Germany 2018 German, Portuguese 145’ Colour


  • Mala Emde (Jule)
  • Anton Spieker (Jan)
  • Arndt Schwering-Sohnrey (Assaulter)
  • Thomas Schmuckert (Professor)
  • Jörg Bundschuh (Examiner)
  • Steven Lange (Alex)
  • Martin Neuhaus (Trucker)
  • Hannah Schröder (Mother)


Director Hans Weingartner
Screenplay Hans Weingartner, Silke Eggert
Cinematography Mario Krause, Sebastian Lempe
Editing Benjamin Kaubisch, Karen Kramatschek, Sebastian Lempe
Music Michael Regner
Sound Design Fabian Weigmann, Uwe Dresch
Sound Johannes Kaschek
Production Design Ricarda Schwarz
Costumes Svenja Gassen
Assistant Costume Designer Renata Ramiro
Casting Lisa Stutzky, Uta Seibicke
Assistant Director Sylvaine Faligant
Production Management Thomas Loos
Executive Producer Luis Singer
Producer Hans Weingartner
Co-Producers Rainer Kölmel, Simon Amberger, Rafael Parente, Korbinian Dufter, Matthias Bahr, Christine Tschanett-Weingartner
Co-Production Starhaus Produktionen München

Hans Weingartner

Born in Vorarlberg, Austria in 1977, he studied neuroscience in Vienna and Berlin before enrolling in film at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne. His graduation film Das weiße Rauschen (White Noise) about a young man who develops schizophrenia, won several prizes. His second feature, Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei (The Edukators), screened in the official competition at Cannes, garnered enthusiastic reviews and became a global box office success. After the satire about trash TV, Free Rainer (Reclaim your Brain), he recently returned with Die Summe meiner einzelnen Teile (Hut in the Woods) to one of his key subjects: mental illness and the fight for freedom in an oppressive society.


2001 Das weiße Rauschen (White Noise) 2004 Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei (The Edukators) 2007 Free Rainer (Reclaim your Brain) 2008 Deutschland 09 (Germany 09); Episode ‘Gefährder’, Competition 2011 Die Summe meiner einzelnen Teile (Hut in the Woods) 2018 303

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