Kiem Holijanda

Stray dogs drift through the streets. In a desolate village in Kosovo, 13-year-old Andi sells milk he’s bottled himself. He’s skimming a bit off the top of the family earnings in order to save up for a cell phone of his own. His older brother Florist harbors an entirely different dream, one which his family has no idea about. With a sensitive touch, the director tells the story of a brotherly bond and of defiant routes driven by strong yearnings.
by Sarah Veltmeyer
with Andi Bajgora, Florist Bajgora, Arbresha Grabovci Nixha, Xhylsyme Thaci, Sheetim Kastrati, Rexhep Llugiqi
Netherlands 2017 Albanian 14’ Colour


  • Andi Bajgora (Andi)
  • Florist Bajgora (Florist)
  • Arbresha Grabovci Nixha (Mother)
  • Xhylsyme Thaci (Grandmother)
  • Sheetim Kastrati (Alban)
  • Rexhep Llugiqi (Man in the village)


Director Sarah Veltmeyer
Screenplay Tom Bakker, Sarah Veltmeyer
Cinematography Stephan Polman
Editing Fatih Tura
Music Arend Bruijn, Hans Nieuwenhuijsen
Sound Design Taco Drijfhout
Sound Taco Drijfhout
Production Design Tim Balk
Costumes Minke Lunter
Production Management Wibout Warnaar, Ujkan Hysaj
Executive Producer Bruno Felix, Femke Wolting
Producers Jeroen Beker, Sabine Veenendaal

Sarah Veltmeyer

Born in 1988, she lives and works in Amsterdam. She decided to make her first short film without ever having attended a film school. Gotta went on to win Best Short Film at the Noordelijk Film Festival. Kiem Holijanda was supported by the Netherlands Film Fund and filmed in Kosovo.


2015 Gotta; short film 2017 Kiem Holijanda; short film

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2018