The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Die Tiefseetaucher
In search of the tiger shark that ate his best friend, oceanographer and documentary filmmaker Steve Zissou embarks on an expedition that he hopes will buoy his becalmed career. But both on land and on the high seas, intense conflict ensues with his domineering wife, an irksome competitor, a pregnant journalist, and a purported son. Then there’s the encounter with Philippine pirates, and soon the ambitious undertaking threatens to break up on the rocks … “Klaus Daimler, 40, engineer, calm, collected, German”, is how Steve Zissou characterises the former bus driver and dependable first mate of the “Belafonte” played by Willem Dafoe in one of his few comedic roles – with a credible German accent, thanks to his German heritage. He embodies the sensitive, emotionally shaky, almost childishly naive camera assistant, perpetually clad in a silly outfit of turtleneck and shorts, without ever allowing the character to become laughable. Instead “Klausie”, who looks up to Zissou as a father figure, easily wins the favour of both the boat crew and audiences.
by Wes Anderson
with Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, Cate Blanchett, Anjelica Huston, Willem Dafoe, Jeff Goldblum, Michael Gambon, Bud Cort, Seu Jorge
USA 2004 English 118’ Colour Rating R12


  • Bill Murray
  • Owen Wilson
  • Cate Blanchett
  • Anjelica Huston
  • Willem Dafoe
  • Jeff Goldblum
  • Michael Gambon
  • Bud Cort
  • Seu Jorge


Director Wes Anderson
Screenplay Wes Anderson, Noah Baumbach
Cinematography Robert Yeoman
Editing David Moritz
Music Mark Mothersbaugh
Sound Pawel Wdowczak
Production Design Mark Friedberg
Art Director Mark Friedberg, Marco Trentini
Costumes Milena Canonero
Make-Up Gino Tomagnini
Producers Wes Anderson, Barry Mendel, Scott Rudin

Produced by

Touchstone Pictures für/for Buena Vista Pictures Distribution, Inc.