Les quat' cents farces du diable

The 400 Tricks of the Devil
by Georges Méliès France 1906 Silent 17’


Director Georges Méliès

Produced by

Star Film

Georges Méliès

Born in Paris, France in 1861. Between 1896 and 1909, about 500 short films were made either under his direction or by his company Star Film. His name stands above all for what are called ‘féeries’: fairy tale or science fiction extravaganzas with elaborate special effects. He was intensively involved in all areas of film production (screenplay, sets, directing, camera, animation and montage) and is considered an early auteur filmmaker. He also appears as an actor in many of his films. Georges Méliès died in Paris in 1938.

Filmography (selection)

1896 Une Partie de cartes (Playing Cards) 1897 L'Auberge ensorcelée (The Bewitched Inn) 1899 L'Affaire Dreyfus (The Dreyfus Affair) 1900 Tom Whisky ou l'Illusioniste toque (Addition and Subtraction) 1901 Barbe-Bleue (Blue Beard) 1902 Les Aventures de Robinson Crusoé (Robinson Crusoe) · Le Voyage de Gulliver à Lilliput et chez les géants (Gulliver's Travels Among the Lilliputians and the Giants) 1903 Faust aux enfers (The Damnation of Faust) 1904 Les Apparitions fugitives (The Fugitive Apparitions) 1905 Le Palais des mille et une nuits (The Palace of the Arabian Nights) 1906 Une chute de cinq étages (A Mix-up in the Gallery) 1908 La Photographie électrique à distance (Long Distance Wireless Photography) · Le Conseil de pipelet (Sideshow Wrestlers) 1911 Les Hallucinations du baron de Münchausen / Les Aventures de baron de Munchhausen (Baron Munchausen's Dream) 1912 Cendrillon ou la pantoufle mystérieuse (Cinderella or the Glass Slipper) · À la Conquête du pôle (The Conquest of the Pole) 1913 Le Voyage de la famille Bourrichon (The Voyage of the Bourrichon Family)

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