Das Abenteuer einer schönen Frau

The Adventure of Thea Roland
Sculptor Thea Roland is searching for a man with a beautiful body to model for her when she meets the English boxer Jerry. The two end up in a “clinch”, from which Thea emerges pregnant. However, Jerry doesn’t find out that he is a father until the next time he visits Berlin. Thea rejects his marriage proposal; her life is as unconventional as her art. She also believes that she has a rival for Jerry’s affections … The book was set in Paris during World War I, while here the setting has been moved to 1930s Berlin. The bohemian artist has become the “new woman”, with an attitude that is as modern as the furnishings in her apartment. The flat in a new building boasts a home bar, a sideboard, an electric cooker, chairs of steel, and a white telephone, while modern art adorns the walls. A nursery has replaced the extravagant monkey's cage as an up-to-date status symbol. Jerry, who scores a clear win over Thea on points, adapts perfectly to these New Berlin surroundings. And not because of his rather trendy sport (Berthold Brecht, for instance, was a boxing fan). Rather Jerry turns out to be a specimen of the “new man”, who is quite happy pushing a baby buggy.
by Hermann Kosterlitz
with Lil Dagover, Hans Rehmann, Margarete Kupfer, Paul Bildt, Ernst Senesch, Margot Walter, Walter Steinbeck, Olly Gebauer, Kurt Vespermann, Fritz Odemar, Theo Lingen
Germany 1932 German 89’ Black/White


  • Lil Dagover
  • Hans Rehmann
  • Margarete Kupfer
  • Paul Bildt
  • Ernst Senesch
  • Margot Walter
  • Walter Steinbeck
  • Olly Gebauer
  • Kurt Vespermann
  • Fritz Odemar
  • Theo Lingen


Director Hermann Kosterlitz
Screenplay Hans Wilhelm based on the novel “Jerry” (1924) by Suzanne de Callias
Cinematography Robert Baberske, Curt Courant
Editing Willy Zeunert
Music Theo Mackeben
Sound Fritz Seeger
Set Construction Jacek Rotmil
Producer Georg Witt

Produced by

Georg Witt-Film GmbH

Additional information

Film Print: Bundesarchiv-Filmarchiv, Berlin

Hermann Kosterlitz


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