The Catch

Der Fang
Morgan likes the babbling of the river, the soft whistle when she casts her line and the excitement when a trout bites and runs with it. Alas, the boys in her class aren’t impressed by this passion of hers, and her brother's friend least of all. Attentively, she observes what goes on around her. What do the other girls do differently? An awakening curiosity about the other sex and youthful insecurity meet in a head-on collision.
by Holly Brace-Lavoie
with Charli Birdgenaw, Billy Iliopoulos, Joseph Napolitano, Sara Bradeen, Nafsika Balouskas
Canada 2017 English 15’ Colour empfohlen ab 11 Jahren


  • Charli Birdgenaw (Morgan)
  • Billy Iliopoulos (Chad)
  • Joseph Napolitano (Dereck)
  • Sara Bradeen (Sharon)
  • Nafsika Balouskas (Angela)


Written and Directed by Holly Brace-Lavoie
Cinematography Joseph Baron
Editing Sophie Benoit Sylvestre
Music Serge Nakauchi Pelletier
Sound Design Marie-Pierre Grenier
Sound Gaëlle Komàr, Bernard Gariepy-Strobl
Production Design Anette Belley
Costumes Eugénie Clermont
Make-Up Léonie Lévesque-Robert
Assistant Director Catherine Kirouac
Production Manager Julie Groleau
Producers Sarah Mannering, Fanny Drew
Creative Producer Geneviève Dulude-Decelles

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H264 Distribution

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Colonelle films

Holly Brace-Lavoie

She studied film production at the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema in Montreal, Canada. Her short film The Same House screened at several international festivals. She has been an assistant director and producer on big budget US films shot in Montreal and is currently developing as a writer several factual and fictional television projects. One of her recent productions is the comedic web-series ‘The High Note’ which has garnered a dedicated online audience. She is also developing the screenplay for her debut feature film.

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2008 The Same House 2017 The Catch

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