Sometimes it's almost unbearable being alone with your thoughts and feelings. Everyone seems wrapped up in themselves, and no one really listens or pays attention. Ignored by his older brother and parents, Lucas is merely a passive observer during their summer day trip to the country. Only Mónica seems to notice him, but even her interest doesn't last long. Eventually, Lucas decides to take drastic measures.
by José Pablo Escamilla González Aragón
with Salvador de la Garza Castellanos, Iván Islas, Santiago Minor, Cynthia Torash, Giovana Fuentes, Rodolfo Calderón, Natalia Plascencia, Victor Weinstock, Carlos Alejandro Díaz
Mexico 2016 Spanish 17’ Colour


  • Salvador de la Garza Castellanos (Lucas)
  • Iván Islas (Eleazar)
  • Santiago Minor (Hernán)
  • Cynthia Torash (Sofía)
  • Giovana Fuentes (Mónica)
  • Rodolfo Calderón (René)
  • Natalia Plascencia (Natalia)
  • Victor Weinstock (Alejandro)
  • Carlos Alejandro Díaz (Octavio)


Written and Directed by José Pablo Escamilla González Aragón
Cinematography Miguel Escudero
Editing José Pablo Escamilla González Aragón, Francisco Borrajo, Mauricio Calderón Rico
Music Ayer Amarillo, Andrés Becerril Arzate
Sound Design Andrés Becerril Arzate, Daniel H. Uribe Loustaunau
Sound Daniel H. Uribe Loustaunau, Mariana Rodríguez Alcocer
Production Design Mara Ugalde
Costumes Andrea Bores Chemor
Make-Up Marián Galván
Assistant Director Wannes Gevaert
Production Manager Rosa Hadit Gutiérrez
Producer José Agustin Ortiz Ramírez
Executive Producer Bar Rentals Arca

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Colectivo Colmena

Produced by

Colectivo Colmena

José Pablo Escamilla González Aragón

Born in 1988, he is a graduate of the Centro de Diseño, Cine y Televisión in Mexico City and an alumnus of the 2013 Guadalajara Talents. He has attended workshops by filmmakers including Spike Lee and Gustav Deutsch. His short film El Dolor Fantasma screened at various international festivals. Libélula (Firefly) was financed by crowdfunding and is celebrating its international premiere at the Berlinale. González Aragón is co-founder of the Mexican filmmakers’ collective Colectivo Colmena which is dedicated to making independent film projects.

Filmography (short films)

2013 El Dolor Fantasma (The Phantom Pain) 2016 Libélula (Firefly)

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2017