Tea Time: My Food Is My Home

Lebanon is a country with a culinary tradition stretching back many thousands of years. It has great ethnic and religious diversity but has been afflicted by a civil war which has flared up repeatedly during the past decades. In 2004 Kamal Mouzawak founded a farmers market in Beirut and this has been the starting point for many other cultural initiatives. From his point of view, many impediments to communication can be overcome through and with food. He recently received the Dutch Prince Claus Award for his work. Italian journalist and radio host Elisabetta Gaddoni (RBB Kulturradio, Slow Food Magazine) is familiar with the conflicts in multi-ethnic societies and with culinary topics. She wants to explore how Kamal Mouzawak manages to reconcile the ecological, social and economic aspects of an NGO and what visions he has for the future.

with Kamal Mouzawak, Elisabetta Gaddoni
2017 English


  • Kamal Mouzawak
  • Elisabetta Gaddoni (Host)

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In cooperation with AFAC (Arab Fund for Arts and Culture)
Culinary accompaniment from Über den Tellerrand and ChariTea