Jin zhi xia mao

Anchorage Prohibited | Ankern verboten
Two labour immigrants lacking financial means, try to settle on the island of Taiwan. They always keep their child with them. In calm images and selected situations, the film tells of the lives of these three, who are representative of many. They strive to face their lack of prospects by taking a firm stand. They refuse to be discouraged. They carry on. But how can it go on? The little money they have is enough for one purchase – not more. The familiarity between them is in knowing the other’s each and every step.
The life situation of labour immigrants in Taiwan is largely shaped by a legal vacuum that leads to severe dependence and often to enforced labour. In this film, director Chiang Wei Liang fully concentrates on the situation between the three. He has created a chamber piece that is set in a public space.
by Chiang Wei Liang
with Nguyen Thi Thuy Lanh, Tran Quoc Huy
Taiwan 2015 16’

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