ESIOD 2015

Vienna 2051. After many years, a customer comes back to the city to close her bank account. Not only data about money, but also memories and other personal data are digitally stored in this account. The customer is not recognized by the computer system. She has to undergo a “memory check,” during which they observe how she reacts to data, videos, and images from the account. She is looking for a way to access the virtual safe in order to travel back in time and to send a message to our present.

In ESIOD 2015 Clemens von Wedemeyer creates a layer of dystopian science fiction, projecting the current financial crisis and the virtualization of work, life, and capital in the architecture of the “First Campus” – a construction project of the Austrian Erste Bank – into the not all too distant future. His protagonist gets visibly lost in the border zone between real and virtual space, and the film itself continues to disintegrate into a cloud of pixels, becoming transparent.
by Clemens von Wedemeyer
with Stephanie Cumming, Sven Dolinski
Austria / Germany 2016 39’

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