Nimit Luang

Prelude to the General | Prélude
“I have always felt that I live in a country, in which it is not possible to speak about everything. Unconsciously, we all carry the awareness of the impossibility of speaking about this 'it' inside us. It should stay forever a secret”, is what director Pimpaka Towira says of her country.
Two women face one another. Two worlds touch. Past and presence. The young woman warns the older woman. Something terrible will happen. The older woman massages the general. She knows the general’s secret. She wanders through empty rooms. Rooms coated with a patina of secrecy. The warning hangs in the air. The young woman doesn’t have a chance.
Towira’s films are characterised by a fusion of stylisation and realism. She holds a mirror to reality, a mirror that is closely related to the country’s history.
by Pimpaka Towira
with Phuthita Chaianun, Patnisa Khemaporn
Thailand 2016 11’

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