Tsomet Haruhot

Winds Junction | Die Windeskreuzung
It is summer, it is hot. It is time for the holidays. A young Israeli couple set off on their trip to the Sinai. The sea is to their right and ahead of them is nothing but motorway and the prospect of a few lovely days. The most important thing is with them at all times: their camera. They document their journey without cessation, filming each other and themselves. It’s all about the composition of the picture. It’s also about the composition of their lives, their mutual lives. When they pick up a hitchhiker, their configuration goes into a tailspin. Out of nowhere, danger draws nearer.
The film is shot in the style of Direct Cinema. The camera is always in the couple’s hands, suggesting an immediate proximity. While evoking empathy in documentary film, it is used here as a means of terror. The anxiety is never disengaged from the camera.
by Rotem Murat
with Bat-Elle Mashian, Zohar Mazor, Netan Yamin
Israel 2015 22’

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Rotem Murat

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