Wadee'at tasallul

“My friend Samir was born and raised in Beirut, where he lived illegally. During his search for identity and a sense of belonging, Samir was briefly a member of the Lebanese Communist Party, and that is where I met him. Today, ten years have passed since we left the ranks of the party, leaving our failure behind us. Samir recounts where the quest for his identity led him and how he ended up trading a hopeless cause for a successful one. After the defeat of the leftist project, and feeling unable to relate to the real world, Samir created his own alternative universe where victories were not impossible. In the past, our regular party meetings took place at Samir’s house. We continue to meet there on a regular basis. However, the cause that once bound us has changed…”
Marwan Hamdan
by Marwan Hamdan
with Samer Halabi
Lebanon 2015 20’

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