Yvy Maraey

Land without Evil
Andrés, a ‘karai’ or white man, has lost touch with his inner self and is going through a creative and spiritual crisis. He becomes obsessed with the existence of an uncorrupted and secluded Guaraní population, which might hold the answer he needs. Andrés hires Yari to guide him on a road trip deep into Guaraní lands in modern-day Bolivia, where the white man is the minority. Their journey is one of self-discovery and intercultural understanding. In order to find the land without evil, Andrés must learn to see by listening and realise that the Guaraní are not simply anthropological specimens for observation. Yvy Maraey is a metaphorical portrayal of the essence of filmmaking and a philosophical illustration of personal evolution.
by Juan Carlos Valdivia
with Juan Carlos Valdivia, Elio Ortiz, Felipe Román, Francisco Acosta, Diego Picaneray
Bolivia / Mexico / Norway 2013 105’

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