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Good Things Await | Viel Gutes erwartet uns
Niels Stockholm is a 79 year old biodynamic farmer on Thor Højgård farm north of Copenhagen. He lives on the farm with his 53 year old wife Rita who works the land with him. Niels runs his farm according to the idea that man and earth are fundamentally connected to the universe. Among other things, he uses a sowing and planting calendar based on the movements of the planets. The world’s best restaurant, NOMA, as well as a lot of the best Danish cooks, buys their ingredients from Niels the Farmer. In spite of this, Niels has to battle against EU-regulations, frequent animal welfare controls and lawsuits, because Niels’ pact with the universe does not live up to the rules laid down by the authorities. For long periods Niels and Rita do all the farm work on their own and Niels has postponed making a decision about who is going to take over the farm after him. But Niels has health problems. He coughs and splutters, and his heart is in bad shape. This is Niels’ last chance to find and train a successor. But the real question is: Is it even possible? Can a person take over another man’s dream?

After the screening menu by Michael Hoffmann (only on Sun Feb 08).
by Phie Ambo Denmark 2014 100’

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