Leka Färdigt

Play Time
There are times when we could all do with a break. Little Nico is tormenting his young mother in a vast shopping mall. He wants everything and will not stop ramming the displays with his trolley. When his mother tries to move him on he kicks up a stink and starts screaming his head off. She stops short of giving him a slap, and instead runs out into the car park where she lights a cigarette. When she returns, Nico has gone. A member of staff is looking after him. Seeing that he is in good hands, she decides to make use of the opportunity. Next door is a huge gaming arcade where she can let off steam and perhaps even experience something else.
by Nanna Huolman
with Andrea Malmberg, Nikole Savor, Natacha M Dacken, Michael Svensson, Anoshirvan Parvazi, Moa Myrén
Sweden 2014 14’

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