A young woman, an activist, runs through the streets. A skater glides across the tarmac. Paint bombs are positioned and, when they explode, the police arrive. There are people everywhere. At night stones fly, cars burn and there is tear gas in the air. The palaces are still being protected. Tweets describe the events, not just here, but all over the world: 'Markets are global, so is resistance.' There are protests everywhere. A montage of images of demonstrations builds to a mesmerising frenzy and prepares the way for the struggles that follow. In the calm before the next storm a skater and an activist meet. Bright light throws huge shadows of the pair across the nocturnal blocks of flats. They dance. The city belongs to them.
by Ygor Gama, Florencia Rovlich
with Manuela Hidalgo, Mariano Paz
Argentina / Germany 2014 16’

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