Bube Stur

Stubborn Boy
Hanna, halfway between a girl and a woman, has just got out of prison. She journeys a long way to Uwe's farm deep in the Black Forest to complete her community service. Uwe is taciturn and more often than not remains silent when he really should say something: to Hanna, this strange temporary helper from the big city; to his wife Michaela; to his few old friends and also to the bank which is seeking to call in the vital loan which, since the milk strike, he can no longer service. Conversely, Hanna makes no secret of how out of place she feels in the village with these stubborn farmers in this wasteland – almost as uncomfortable as she is in her own skin. Time and again she sneaks away from the farm and travels to the neighbouring small town where, with obsessive energy, she tries to get close to a family with a foster child. But when Uwe finally kicks Hanna out of the house, which actually no longer belongs to him, she suddenly does everything she can to stay. Her surroundings have changed her and the original reason which brought her to this godforsaken place slowly fades into the background.
by Moritz Krämer
with Ceci Chuh, Niels Braun, Monika Wiedemer, Jürgen Lehmann, Lena Drieschner, Margot Krämer
Germany 2015 81’

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dffb Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin GmbH

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