Cooking Up a Tribute

In their quest to innovate and being well aware of the need to open their kitchen up to the world, the Roca brothers, co-owners of one of the world's best restaurants, made the decision to close their restaurant for five weeks to take it on the road. Their challenge was to tour six cities in four different countries with the entire kitchen and dining room staff and design 57 new dishes in order to pay tribute to local food traditions and ingredients, offering their own reinterpretations of these local cuisines while searching for the perfect combination. Cooking Up a Tribute is a simple and direct immersion into the six-months of preparation and execution that went into this project. It also serves as a way to promote the Latin American cuisines and their contributions not only to global food culture, but also constructing an identity that goes way beyond food and is a real tool for social change. But, above all, Cooking Up a Tribute is an ensemble film with Joan, Josep and Jordi as the central pieces of a puzzle in which the collective efforts of an exceptional team are combined with the generosity and support of friends and colleagues in each of the countries visited on the tour.
by Luis González, Andrea Gómez
with Joan Roca, Josep Roca, Jordi Roca
Spain 2014 87’

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